The Mommyvengers

To my imaginary friends out there, welcome to my little world.

I am a 30+  Malaysian born who sometimes loves to write. I am a proud mommy to my daughter Aulia'.  While I have accomplished many goals in my life, i.e..  marriage, parenting, PhD, career and cooking, I found myself feeling that there must be more to life than this. Perhaps it is because I have so few to share my thoughts with. Hubby has to roll up his sleeve and working his fingers to the bone to support us in the life I have grown accustomed to and so I rarely get a chance to bend his ear about the important things in life.

  I'm extremely obsessed over shoes, and shopping for girls clothes. It is my passion and I get a full 110% satisfaction to see Aulia' all dressed up  though I wear rags for myself, most of the time. 

I have been married for 6 years and counting. This blog documents the journey of a married wife and a mother who previously was zero at cooking, cleaning and being all domesticated. That does not necessarily mean I'm a hero at it now although I'm working hard at being the next Nigella Lawson. My first born is now 6 years old and we are planning to have baby #2, hoping the process will be quick and joyous. 

Previously, I used to detest the 'When are you getting married' question thrown from relatives and friends because my younger sisters, Nina and Shasha they got married before me. So being the eldest in the family you'll just have to face this kind of questions.

Now sadly, I am the one who asks that annoying question to those singles out there. Apparently, I am fitting in really well although I'd like to think otherwise. Getting married has been a journey of sorts, staying married and now becoming a so-called 'supermommy' is another story which is why this blog is existent. So I would like to called myself as the combination of the all the Avengers superheroes - 'Mommyvengers' the Superhero mommy wannabe! (Exaggerate, I know!)

If you have any doubts of getting married or becoming a parent then yes please read my entire blog so you know, being married & a SAHM does not turn you into a boring human being unless boring is already your middle name. In any case, it's start of a beautiful adventure of two people. One woman. One man. Then, came a little angel in your life that make your world much more beautiful. It's time for a little good news soon!

My marriage is far from perfect, but I wouldn't trade it for anything else in this world.


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