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Hans Turns One!

If this white screen were a piece of paper, it would have wet wrinkly puddles of tears on it. I don't feel like there are any other words to describe how this past year has made me feel. 
Our baby boy turns one in January. My heart just keep exploding with firework everytime he smiles and his mischievous eyes twinkle. Even in the wee hours of the night, when I'm sleep deprived and cranky, I have nothing but love in my heart for this little human. I'll stop with the love-gushing for now, and go onto another fun topic. We celebrated Hans birthday yesterday (belated one month). Kakak Aulia' made pinata for her little brother and we got him balloons and a birthday cake. It was a simple birthday celebration just the four of us. I'm beyond happy!

Hans is such a happy little boy with an active little mind. He's determined and strong. He's been walking for 3 months now, and wants to get into everything. He loves to kiss his sister (and pulling hairs!) and loves to hug and now he can shake hands too.

 Here is a list of other fun Hans-isms:

When he gets excited he jumps! He's been doing this since couple of months ago. He imitate her sister while playing the 'teng-teng' game on the tiles at home. 

His favourite things to play with are: the remote, his Dad's cap and kakak Aulia's ponies. 

He gives kisses. For few months now, Hans has been very good at giving you "kisses". There're always french (open mouth style) and he particularly likes to kiss you when you point your cheek to him. 

He likes to stroke my mouth when he's nursing. It's pretty funny cause he will poke it until he can fit his little finger in. 

Whenever you give him a new object to explore, he likes to flip it over and see what's underneath. He's very inquisitive.

He's a squatter. His favorite position when he's playing on the floor, or taking a brief "rest" from running around the house is to squat really low to the ground. My little yogi.

He laughs. A lot. At pretty much anything. Especially when he's irritate kakak Aulia' while playing. His naughty laughs are the best.

Since he was a newborn, we've been reading him a lot of storybooks. Especially the animal books and I always make the book "fly" into him for a kiss. He always kisses the book. Always.

Okay, I could go on and on and on, but you probably don't really care 😂
I'd like to wrap up this first birthday post with a few words for my son.

Firstly, I want you to know how loved you are. Your Papa, kakak Aulia' and I love you with every inch of our heart. You are also surround by your  grandparents, aunts and uncles who love you like their own child. You are so fortunate to have this fortress of love around you.
Secondly, I want you to know that you Papa and I aren't perfect (hard to imagine, I'm sure) but we are trying to be the best parents we can be. We want to teach you to respect girls, especially your big sister, to love her and always protect her.
We want you to stand on you own feet, and make decision for yourself. We want you to feel supported while being independent. Be a leader, and follow your heart. Always. Ask questions. Explore. And always remember to laugh along the way.
We love you so very much Hans and we hope you have a blast first birthday party (even if you can't remember it-I'm documenting it here so that you'll know one fine day)

x0x0, from ibu. 


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