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The Durian Feast at SS2

Guilty! We are the Durian hantu! This is our first ever visit to the SS2 durian stall where they sells all types of durian including the Musang King. My daughter inherit this interest in durians last year when her grandfather bought her durians in Ipoh and teach her how to eat 😄 legit! The durian buffet stall in SS2 set up the tables and chairs for their customer to enjoy the durians. You see how much this girl loves the durian 😋 We opt for durian kampung that cost us RM18 per kilo.   yums!

Then and Now: of Aulia'

I know I haven't post any Then and Now post since 2013 .  Imma slacker, sigh! I kept thinking about just how far we've come and how grateful I am to watch my daughter grow up. Sometimes I get flash backs to the tough (more to bless) days of handling a toddler. I literally have vivid memories of lounging together with my daughter on the bed, starring up the ceiling with tears dripping into my ears, feeling like a supermommy 😉 Call me ridiculous, but I've been thinking so long today on what to upload as my first post of 2017. I wish I could write something as jolly as my friends feel about their awesome new year celebration, and although my years has personally has been blessed too, I don't feel like a whole-fully by posting up my academic post cause that's what happen since I was too busy finalizing my doctorate and neglecting my blog post since our anniversary trip last year 😂 TBH, I don't have any new year resolutions except to enjoy my life watching my