Monday, July 25, 2016

TTC Part 8: HSG Test Result

So last week, I did the HSG Test (Hysterosalpingogram) which is fallopian tube patency test. Kenapa buat? Sebab we've been curious about our unexplained infertility for 5 years. After consistently visiting my gynae every month since earlier this year and masih unable to conceive, doctor suggested that I undergo the HSG test to determine the tubal patent. 

Test ni perlu dibuat after period and before you expect your ovulation. In between la kira and make sure you did not BD before the test. So lebih kurang CD10 akak datang untuk buat test. During CD1 lagi dah buat appointment untuk datang pukul berapa and to check whether doctor available atau dia ada operation or what not during that day. 

So masa ni buat kat KPJ Ipoh, datang dengan husband because takut balik nanti tak boleh nak drive sendiri. Terus pegi bahagian Radiology (X Ray) bawa surat from my Gynae. 

Procedure X Ray semua sama you have to take off all your clothes and pakai la the hospital gown, and you need to bring your own pad with you during the X Ray. 

TMI moment

Macam biasa standby position nak bersalin. The doctor inserted her finger first to determine my uterus opening follows by the speculum and  Leech Wilkinson cannula. Besi dik..memang pedih! 

After the Radiologist has standby to do the X Ray, doctor injected some sort of 'dye' atau radiographic contrast into the uterine through vagina and cervix. Masa tu radiologist akan capture the X Ray and directly nampak the flow of the dye at the screen. 

Level sakit: Macam very bad period cramping + ngilu + bloated.

Nangis tak? I did not cry because of the pain, but I did cried bila dengar Radiologist bagitahu the result. Tapi macam biasa doctor akak tu baik gila.. 'You did very well, good job darling, nanti kita jumpa kat atas for discussion'.. haa gitew. lepas cannula tu dikeluarkan, akan ada dye spillage and fresh blood keluar. Haa pakai la pad ye. Tapi akak tak larat nak bangun pun. Sakit sangat. So lepas 5 minit baru bangun and tukar baju. Overall time for the procedure dalam setengah jam saja.  

What was my result? 

Akhirnya kami dapat jawapan yang tak pasti selama 5 tahun ni..I had one opening tube (spillage dye observed) and one blocked tube. Tapi sebab dah tak menahan sangat sakitnya, maka akak tak dengar pon Radiologist cakap which side yang blocked. So nak tak nak kena tunggu report and naik balik office doctor untuk discussion. 

After tunggu report for half an hour, jumpa balik my Gynae and she explained the result to both me and my husband. 
The blocked tube was at the junction of the right side tube. Most probably due to infection from previous abdominal cesarean and caused adhesion/scars at the tube (FYI my 1st born was delivered via LSCS). So ada possibility. What could we do to unblock the tube? Doctor explained ada benefit buat HSG ni. Ada probability the dye pressure boleh unblocked the tube and sometimes over the time, it can unblock naturally. Bila tu tak tahu la. Kalau nak cepat sangat, have to undergo Laparoscopy. Itu cerita lain pulak. 

Now my Gynae wanted to focus on the left tube which is the only opening. Dalam makna lain we only have 50% chances of pregnancy and it is only comes on alternate month. Faham kan? Kilang telur kita keluarkan telur bergilir-gilir setiap bulan. So kenapa asyik tak jadi je during those alternate months? Doctor kata maybe timing we all tak kena and maybe I had anovulatory at the left side.  

My doctor did the tvs (transvaginal scan) untuk tengok which kilang telur yang keluar bulan ni. So it was on the right side, telur memang cantik baqhang tunggu nak menetas lagi 3,4 hari tapi kesian tube blocked, so no chance la dik.. kena tunggu next cycle. 

I will be on prescriptions again; Clomid, Premarin and Duphaston. Apa tu? Ubat untuk matangkan telur dan untuk tebalkan dinding rahim (to make it suitable for implantation). So the next cycle by CD15 kena datang balik untuk tvs for egg monitoring and kalau egg cantik, injection will be given to release the egg. What can we do now? Doctor suruh rehat tenangkan minda pergi bercuti, eh dia macam tau-tau je akak nak pegi bercuti dik.. Penat dah menangis, dengar result, husband akak suruh pegi bercuti. giteww.. 

Overall cost:

HSG X Ray+ Report:  <RM300
TVS: RM200
Doctor Consultation: Free (Haa baik kan doctor hakak)
Prescriptions: RM190

Total: +-RM 690

I did consult some of my doctor friends. Some of them cakap if ada blocked tube memang peluang untuk pregnant sangat susah. Most probably IUI is the best option. But kami redha dulu untuk go for natural TTC and of course IUI and IVF needs a lot of money since insurance doesn't cover most of the fertility treatment. Atau maybe next month we all tukar fikiran untuk go for IUI kan, mana tahu. Kami berusaha, Allah yang lebih mengetahui. Fighting! Wassalam.. 


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