Friday, July 8, 2016

TTC Part 5: Kacip Fatimah Capsule

Since I came back from my Ob/Gyn appointment last month, I was given a couple of fertility prescriptions which is the Clomid and Premarin. As I noticed both Clomid and Premarin had caused me V dryness, I wanted to stop the prescription and find other alternative. One of my friend in UTM contacted me to inform on the UTM wellness day event. All the UTM health products by the Institute of Bioproduct Development (IBD) under the brand of Living Actives are on sale up to 50% for each products. One of the famous products by IDB UTM is Ekstrak Kacip Fatimah (EKF) or scientifically known as Labisia Pumila. 

I never had experience of consuming this EKF, so I've asked few of my girl friends including my doctor friends in our group chat. The testimonies were overwhelming and they recommended me to consume EKF for hormones stabilizing purposes. So I go through on the net to get more informations on EKF and its benefits. These are the benefits of EKF that I found:

1) Rich with estrogen where it plays an important role to produce the suitable environment for fertilization, implantation and nutrition of the early embryo. 

2) Increase your sexual drives

3) Reduces your period pain

4) Help balances your hormones and your period cycle (if you have a lengthy one!)

5) Improve your blood circulation

6) Regain your body strength

And there are many other benefits (you can find the info on the net) but be extra careful on the informations supply by unauthorized person especially those who selling it on the blog. I advise you to seek information from experts or doctors.

There are many brands of EKF out there but I choose the EKF Phyto Plus by UTM as I know it is scientifically developed by Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and approved by the Ministry of Health (MOH). 

I am currently consuming EKF and the 'dryness' now has gone, yeay! I feel like having my big O as well, as yesterday I experience the mid-cycle cramping. I guess the EKF works! 

Give it a try ladies!


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