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TTC Part 4: The desirable 2 lines

I really don't have any signs or symptoms of pregnancy, other than I'm a little too cranky and some lower back pain. It's already 5 days passed my expected period now but that's pretty common for PMS too. I took another test today (with a BFN result) but I'm having doubt with the HPT even though it indicate 99.9% accuracy on the box. I have the ClearBlue digital test right now but since it is really expensive, I am going to wait until a week passed my period to use it.  Omg I'm dying to get the 2 lines already T_T So far, I don't even get a faint line after gone through the maddening 2WW!

Aulia' sports day at Extreme Park Tambun

 Some of you might be wondering why we've been moving to Ipoh recently. Long story short, my husband was assigned for a project finalisation with PLUS for its new highway interchanged in Alor Pongsu for 4 months. Remember when I told you that we were  TTC ? Coming home back and forth to KL every weekend is not a good option for him. What happen if I'd ovulate during the weekdays. Yes, we've been thinking up until that part because TTC is a serious business for us nowadays. We moved in temporarily for four months at my in-law's and Aulia' had to changed school to another branch in Ipoh.  Ok coming back to the main point of this post, Aulia' new school which is in Taman Cempaka Ipoh and another same school at other branches combined in organising the sports day at Extreme Park Tambun,Ipoh. This little girl was so excited that even a sudden downpour earlier that morning doesn't dampen her spirits. First time lah katakan...seronok bukan main:)  The

Reunion MRSM Mersing 2016

15 Tahun MRSM Mersing Setelah hampir 13 tahun meninggalkan sekolah, kali ni memang bersungguh-sungguh rasa nak jumpa semula kawan-kawan lama..walaupon selalu bertegur sapa dalam Facebook, rasa nak jumpa jugak face to face sahabat-sahabat yang susah senang bersama, kongsi payah jerih study dan tinggal jauh dengan parents dulu. Jumpa kawan baik, kawan sejati sampai sekarang pon dekat maktab la. Dah 15 tahun pun usia MRSM Mersing seiring la dengan peningkatan usia kami ni hee!. Kami la students  pertama yang jejak kaki ke maktab ni. Masa tu Form 4 dengan Form 1 students yang hampir hampir 600 orang ramainya. Half dari jumlah tu ditawarkan masuk ke MRSM Batu Pahat. Tapi sebab kami masa tu Form 4 dan nak SPM dah tahun depannya, maka tak jadi la tukar ke MRSMBP. Semua stay dan kelas-kelas batch kami la paling banyak. Penuh wing kiri kanan bangunan. Kami la perasmi segala kerusi meja, kelas, asrama, dewan makan, toilet , sickbay , surau, padang dan segala yang ada. Padang pon masa

TTC Part 3: Clomid and Premarin update

So during my trip to Korea, I was on Clomid and Premarin prescription both for 5 and 10 days. Mind you my prescription for Clomid was the highest dose which is 150mg. I was aware on the side effect like the hot flashes but thank God I was in Korea that time (thank God for the nice weather), so hot flashes wasn't an issue. Soon after I got back from Korea, I started showing signs of ovulation and some abdominal pain. I knew I'm having my big 'O' but ironically having set everything in mind for both me and my husband about all these 'scheduled BDs', it turns out that the anxiousness ruins the love hormones and we couldn't make it. I was on my mood swing-freaking out, crying, adding more stress to both of us. Guilty! After a couple of days of BD hiatus, we started again. I was still on my emotional hell that week, but trying to stay as calm as possible. I also noticed that both Clomid and Premarin had caused a lil bit of dryness but still continued with B