Wednesday, April 20, 2016

South Korea Trip Part 5: Day 4

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Busan City

Our plan on day 4 was going to Busan city by bus. Busan is the second largest city in South Korea. So, more or less the city is as 'alive' as Seoul. We took train from Hongik University Station to Seoul National University at Line 2. Then from Seoul National University station we changed train at Line 3 to Terminal Bus Express Station. We get the bus ticket at the first floor of the bus terminal. The regular express bus ticket costs us about 23,000 won and the journey took us about 4 hours. 

Masjid Al-Fatah and Cappadocia Turkish House

Once we arrived at Busan bus station, we took train at Line 1 Metro to Dusil Station (32 mins). We followed the Exit 8 and walked about 200m until we reach kedai tayar Hankook. You can look for a signboard of "ISLAM CENTRE" just opposite the petrol station. As we arrived, we were greeted by a Korean mosque guard/ staff who can speak Indonesian language very well. When we inform him that we are from Malaysia, he welcomed us "oh dari Meleziaa ya pak, sila sila masuk boleh berehat dulu kalau mau, ada tempat berehat jugak untuk wanita di sana" and he lead us the way to the resting room for muslimat. So nice! We perform Jama' prayers and then had lunch at Cappadocia Turkish Kebab house next to the mosque. Oh, I haven't get the chance to took Masjid Al-Fatah picture because it was raining at that time. So we just rush to get into the mosque, prayed and grab our lunch. 

This marinated & grilled chicken skewer costs us 8000 won (RM24). yummy! 

Right after lunch we proceeded to our accommodation in Haeundae. 

This is our home studio apartment host by Ms. Haesook Yang that we booked online via You can contact her via WeChat at +821082334622 should you need to rent her house in Busan. 
The studio apartment was fully furnished, we had all the cooking utensils at the 'kitchen' so that we can cooked our 'Brahim' we brought from home. Some of you might wondering how much is the cost of stay at this apartment. Lemme give you the calculations:

We paid RM 336 per night (for 6 peoples). We stayed for 2 nights. 
RM 336 x 2 = RM 673

Cleaning Fees = RM 34

Airbnb Service Fee = RM 85

Security Deposit = RM 418 (some accommodation may not ask for security deposit likewise our stay in Seoul). 

Total = RM1209

Gwangalli Beach

We went to Gwangalli beach on our first night in Busan. Gwangalli beach is the second most popular beach in Busan after Haeundae (at the place we stayed). We were in awe with the iconic 'Diamond Bridge' as it has colourful bright lights all along it. Well, I'm not sure how long is the bridge but the colourful light was for sure the main attraction for the tourists who came to this place. There was an information board at the beach where you get information on the interesting places you can visit in Busan. The board was quite informative as your can view the 360 degree angle pictures of the place. We was looking for information on Gamcheon cultural village, Jagalchi fish market and Taejongdae Park as the next day we wanted to visit those places. 
We did not had dinner anywhere outside as we did not found any information on Halal makan place at this place. So, we deliberately walked slowly to the metro station and stopped by at the groceries store to grab some banana milk, bread and eggs for tomorrow morning's breakfast. 

Coming up next: we went to Gamcheon Cultural park, had lunch at Jagalchi fish market and spend the evening at Taejongdae Park. 


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