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South Korea Trip Part 3: Day 2

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Dongdaemun History Cultural Park

Our second day in Korea starts with the visit to Dongdaemun History Cultural Park. We left the apartment at 9.00 a.m. and took subway from Hongik University to Sangsu Station. Then, at Line 6 we headed to Gongdeok Station and transfer at subway Line 5 to Gwanghamun station.  We then walked for about 8 minutes to Dongdaemun History Cultural Park. 
The admission fee to the palace is 3000 won per person (RM10). The integrated palace ticket cost about 14,000 won per person (RM48). The integrated palace ticket includes admission to Changdeokgung Palace, Huwon and Secret Garden, Changyeonggung Palace, Deoksugung Palace, Gyeongbukgung Palace and Jong myo Palace.  Trust me, the place was huge and we only paid the 3000 won admission fee. Who knows how long we would be in there if we paid the 14,000 won admission fee, pheww!
Anyway, we arrived nearly to 10.00 a.m. and it was just about time for the palace guard changing ceremony.

*Too excited being at the front row, I get better photos! hehe*

My family and I at Gyeongbukgung Palace.
Inside the Palace. Guess somewhat the environment is similar to the Forbidden City Palace in Beijing. 
We had an absolutely amazing weather that day and eventhough spring almost over, we can still see some of the blooming cherry blossom trees near the lake.
Lovey dovey mandatory photo of the day :)
Even though the sun was up, but the cool air breeze feel so refreshing. My husband said he could even play football under the sun without sweating! How exaggerate!
After exited from the palace area, we wanted to get our lunch so we walk up to Gwanghamun Plaza which is just opposite the Gyengbukgong Palace.

As we passed the street, we saw the King Sejong statue and it's amazing background.
Who is this King Sejong? He was the founder of Korean language (Hangul. Read:Han-girl) more than 500 years ago. You can see his face at the 10,000 won note :)

Direction signboard to Gwanghamun.
 Finding halal makan place over the internet
While waiting for husband to find his makan location. Need to rest my tired feet from walking. 
 If you want to perform your prayers, you can go to Korea Tourism Organisation (recommended by budgettravel2korea) as they provide the muslim prayers room.
Since we did not find any halal makan place at Gwanghamun Plaza, we searched another makan place at Myeondong.

Myeondong Street

Should you lost in finding the direction, you can always find these red shirt volunteers. Do not worry, they can speak English very well.
While in Myeondong. This street is more or less like Jalan TAR in KL. You can get street foods, cosmetics and fashionable clothes here at a very cheap price.

After lunch, we continued our visit to Namsan Tower.

Namsan N-Seoul Tower

If you are already at Myeondong, just take the road to the right at Pacific Hotel at Exit No. 3 of Myeondong Station. You have to walk for about 10 minutes.
If you can find this Robocar Poli seat, You are at the right direction.
Turn left and continue walking until you reach the Namsan Oreumi elevator. You can take the round trip Namsan cable car at  6,300 won/ person (RM22) and it is open from 10.00 a.m. until 10.30 p.m.
I personally thinks that all these walking from one place to another were very challenging to me as I am not a walking person. I would rather drive than walk. From the Day 1 in Seoul has taught me a very good lesson; walking is good for your health. We've been counting steps on our smartphones and felt quite awesome about it hoping we'll be losing weight once we gets back home.. lol. But really, walking is good. I definitely need this walking regime back at home to stay fit.
The view from the cable car to Namsan tower.
We finally reach the Namsan Tower nearly to 5 p.m. and it was just nice.
The N-Seoul Tower
N Seoul tower is located at Mount Namsan, so it's quite chilly up here especially when it approaching sunset. It was surrounded with flora and fauna and there was a lot of tourist here.

My favourite spot: The Love Bench!

The Love locks!
The sunset view. *photography skill improved! wee*
We then took the cable car from Namsan Mount to the foothill. Our next mission was to find the Halal street food at Myeondong. So we were back again to Myeondong :)

Myeondong Street Food

For those who wanted to know what Halal food can we get here, you can read my post here
Most of the food prices ranges from 2,000 to 5,000 won. You can get variety of street food here but if you're not sure whether it's halal or not, make sure you ask around. So far, we enjoyed our street food mission and most of the food were delish!!!

Coming up next: We visited Nami Island (the best place eva! where I took photos at Winter Sonata shooting places)


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