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TTC Part 1

I was thinking few times before I put my thoughts in this composing mode on how much should I tell, to whom I should tell, these are the ultimate questions that came to my mind. Well, I have not told anyone other than my husband and my Obgyn, not even to my mother or my sister that we are trying to conceive (TTC) our second child.

I think this is the best place that I can documenting my TTC adventures, expressing my concern, progress and disappointments in a safe manner and I hope to get advices on getting pregnant, healthy diet and 'the baby dance' tips along the way. Hence, this post is here today.

My first pregnancy was easy, Alhamdulillah. I was pregnant with Aulia' during second month of our wedding anniversary.  I can say my hormones at that time were super fine!

After Aulia' was completely wean-off at the age of three, we have been discussing on having another child but not so serious though as both of us were busy with work and we are more focusing on Aulia's development. So, nothing serious was going on except our regular 'baby dance' every week. But as time passed, I really can't handle with disappointing those closest to me if our attempts do not work and the monthly stress of "Are you pregnant yet?"

I wasn't notice I had whatsoever problem with my hormones as I have very regular cycle every month. I never had longer period than 7 days and my cycle would be around 28 to 30 days only. I took the initiative to visit my Obgyn and had a blood test, ovarian ultrasound and did the pap smear test as well. My doctor told me that I just don't make many hormones and was pretty much anovulatory. What a heartbreaking experience at this age and I was shocked that I could be so young and have this uphill battle ahead of me.

I started using the ovulation predictor kits (OPK) upon doctor suggestion to see if I could figure out when I ovulated. Both my husband and I started to take up healthy diet and go on for a routine exercise to stay healthy and promote ovulation and good quality sperms. We took Iberet (multivitamins & folic acid) at the same time. After a month those kits never seemed to work and I detected on delayed ovulation which is impossible after the ovulation window. So another visit to Obgyn was going on and we're trying something new. I had prescriptions for 2 cycles of Clomid and Premarin. My Obgyn also want me to start charting. My concerns of taking those pills are the side-effects. I know it was prescribed by the doctor, but you know, something that you consume which related to your hormone could be pretty much messed up. You could get headaches, nausea, mood swings etc.. and my doctor has reminded me to regularly check on any lump on my breast during those pills consumption. I was really scared that this won't work and we'll live with month after month of disappointment. But my husband was very helpful at this stage though. He also went to see his Andrologist to check his condition as to make it fair for me who visited the Gynae every month.

I am trying to look at this as a time to really reconnect with my husband on a more intimate level, as we work together to bring a new life to this world and the excitement that comes with the love that we want to share with our little family. It's going to be a wild ride I know, but I am so ready to get started.
May Allah swt ease everything and smooth the journey for us. Aaminn.


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