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TTC Part 2: holiday and another friend pregnant

After been consulting with my Obgyn, she suggested me to take time off and go for a holiday. She noticed that I was so stress about all these pregnancy plan thingy and she wanted me to relax and enjoy the moment. So hubby said that we should get an escape from this whole BBT charting, OPK tests, time scheduling for the 'baby dance' and whatnot. So, to Korea we go, and it's spring now. Yeay! Yep, another thing last night I found out that a friend of mine is pregnant, and that hit me pretty hard. Deep bottom of my heart I felt happy and excited for her and her family because they are terrific parents. However, it just hits hard every time someone else get pregnant and I'm still not. Jealousy is an ugly beast. Astaghfirullahala'zimmm. This gloomy feeling make me even more certain that I will soon start the Clomid and Premarin. It's time to give my ovaries a swift kick into action. 

TTC Part 1

I was thinking few times before I put my thoughts in this composing mode on how much should I tell, to whom I should tell, these are the ultimate questions that came to my mind. Well, I have not told anyone other than my husband and my Obgyn, not even to my mother or my sister that we are trying to conceive (TTC) our second child. I think this is the best place that I can documenting my TTC adventures, expressing my concern, progress and disappointments in a safe manner and I hope to get advices on getting pregnant, healthy diet and 'the baby dance' tips along the way. Hence, this post is here today. My first pregnancy was easy, Alhamdulillah. I was pregnant with Aulia' during second month of our wedding anniversary.  I can say my hormones at that time were super fine! After Aulia' was completely wean-off at the age of three, we have been discussing on having another child but not so serious though as both of us were busy with work and we are more focusing on Au

DIY Wind chimes

Last month we did the DIY string necklace for our art project. This month I was thinking to do the wind chime with Aulia'. I was browsing for the1000+ ideas about the homemade wind chimes on the Pinterest and there was a lot of interesting idea that one can make for the DIY wind chimes.  One can make the wind chimes using seashells, cans, cutleries, beads, pencils, bottles and many more. I choose to do the easiest one using beads,furballs and papercup, but I can't find the bells at the craft store. So this would do. Tadaa :)

We went to the Zoo...again

Please tell me it's not lame to go to the National Zoo for the second time and gazillion of time visiting other zoos and aquarium.  Because that's what we did this weekend as we made last-minute decision to visit the National zoo. We had the most amazing day. I think this time around Aulia' was in awe of everything compared to last time as she didn't remember much. She saw some new stuff and we are super excited that this trip we got her to say hi to all of the animals and learn about them at the same time. Everytime we visit each animal, I would ask her what animal is this and she would eagerly answered me and describing everything about it. The giraffe had long neck and the elephant was so big!! I was pretty much giddy with joy :) Although it was scorching hot, we seriously had an amazing day. I know Aulia' enjoy this a heck lot more than our typical Sunday at groceries store, but most of all, I just love watching