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DIY String necklace

Craft time!! Over the weekend I decided to do something with Aulia' to push her a little bit in creativity- a DIY project! I think a couple of years ago I commit myself to completing one artsy project with Aulia' every month. But by the time comes, it took us hours to complete it with this kid running around, messing the stationery, not to mention try to eat them (especially when dealing with clay). This time around she's more understanding and easy to talk to :)  I took a little trip to the craft store with a Pinterest idea in my mind to do the fancy necklace for girls, but couldn't find the dang supplies I needed. So, instead I walked out with RM3.50 strings and decided to get funky with my colourful Ikea straws at home.  Nothing extraordinary, but a super easy and fun little project for 5 year old kiddo. Here's what you need.. Supplies: String Colourful Straws Scissors All I did was go crazy cutting all the colourful straws and l