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Meaningful posts

As Aulia' adjusts to preschool life and I find out our family falling into the beautiful rhythmic routine that the school year brings (this include myself as a postgraduate student), I've noticed a lot of the same feelings I had when I first started this blog. I created mommyvengers because I didn't want being a mom stops me pursuing my interests while being 'supermommy'. I wanted to break the routine, try new things, and hopefully inspire some people along the way. I never wanted it to be just a boring family diary (which I realize it has totally become lately hehe) and I never wanted it to feel like a chore to me.  With that being said, I'm going to take some time off to update this space a little bit and put some thought into composing meaningful posts.  ~Me and my little angle ~

Aulia first day of school

My baby girl is in kindergarten!!!  Yesterday was Aulia's first day of school and it was really rough on me. A few months ago when my husband and I were ready to register her for kindergarten, I had a little meltdown. After that I slowly became more comfortable with it all, to the point where I didn't even think I would cry on her first day. NOP. I lost it. I was fine all morning until she actually walked into her classroom. Slowly the tears came. . . and I'm the only parent shedding tears, Ya Allah malu okay. **Embarrassing mommy moment** I stayed busy the whole time she was at school that first day, waiting for her to come back home during afternoon. I watched her giggle with new friends before walking out the school, I know she will be just fine. Hooray for the first of many, many, many days of school to come!