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Our anniversary trip to Mabul Island

I think for the past couple of months I never really took an official day off to unplug from technology, the internet and social media. However, the week we were at Mabul Island I hardly had the cell service and the internet connection was as slow as molasses. But my husband internet was superb tho! So I used him😁😁. But that's what anniversary vacay is all about right? Being disconnected with the outside world except your love ones!

We took flight to Tawau and an hour road trip to Semporna before arrive at out stay at Dragon Inn Floating Resort. The stay was awesome and all that's on my mind is sunshine and cool water and family time relaxation. And we have plenty of that over the last couple of days!


Happy Birthday Husband!
Yeszz, we are officially the same age now! pfft -___-
Aulia' has been excited about his birthday for some reason. She serenaded her dad with Happy Birthday several times before today. So cute:)

Since hub took the effort for the pre-birthday vacation, I decided to throw him a nice small birthday party with the siblings. We hit Kopimeo again this time and had a birthday cake prepared by them. It was as scrumption as I expected :)
Not to forget, we had the firework candle as well! My daughter love it!

So cheers to a wiser 31 years husband!

Bowtie Aglio Olio Recipe

What you need:
-Bowtie Pasta -Chilli Flakes -Olive Oil -Button Mushroom -Red Chilli -Squid -Italian Herbs -Fresh Coriander -Seasoning (I used Secukup Rasa)
-Boil bowtie until it become tender -Fry squid with Olive Oil in another cooking pan -Put 1 Tablespoon of chilli flakes -Cut button mushroom into half and fry in the pan with squid and chilli flakes -Put in bowtie pasta and fry together with all the ingredients -Season with Secukup Rasa and the Italian herbs until it smells good -Chop coriander and stir with all the ingredients until it wilt through the heat
You are good to go!
Nutrition information: 2 oz of cooked pasta has 75 calories, 0.6g of fat, 3g of protein and 14g of carbs.
Enjoy! If you try these out, let me know, I'd love to hear how it turns out.

The Pre-Birthday Vacation

November is indeed a sweet month for us. It is because both of me and my husband's birthday and our marriage anniversary are on November. I really love this month.

Last weekend we had our pre-birthday trip to Grand Lexis Port Dickson. It was blast vacation for the three of us. I am glad that my daughter enjoyed it so much.

It took us about an hour and a half drive from KL to PD and once we arrived in PD town, we had lunch at Khadijah's Kitchen located at Jalan Bandar Port Dickson. We all had Asam Pedas and it were scrumptious!

After lunch, we decided that it was time for us to check into our villa and enjoy the rest of our day at our 'luxurious' room.
The view of Sky Pool villa from the elevated parking lot. But that's not our villa.hehe!

The Deluxe Pool Villa came with a private pool and a glass floor panel for sea-viewing.
 My daughter was starstruck for a moment by looking at the sea below our room. Well, me and husband were not that fond of this panel as the s…

My Silver Lens Mason Reflective Mirror

Recently I was following the top trend for eyewear created by Raf Simmons's sunglasses for Dior. So t'was the trend that the most fashion forward celebrities are embracing. Ya know, since I'm not sure if my pocket book can support this trend, I was looking for the similar options but with very affordable price. Whats inspired me was the unique frame shape of Dior Technologic. It was just awesome I can't resist. I found the similar Technologic-like in FashionBloggerrr and obviously at a can't-resist-price.

 They have few other options, but this is my favourite; the Silver Lens Mason Reflective Mirror.

Day trip to Penang

My poor little blog has been so neglected lately. Things have been so crazy, and of course I've also been lazy in between (story of my life, ha!), but I've got so much to catch up on!
I'll start with our trip to Penang somewhere around last month? since those are the most recent pics on my camera :)
Last month I had this 'educational session' with my lil girl where I showed her few of the air, land and marine transportations which includes bus, lorry, airplanes, cars and boats. Out of all those transportations, she specifically interested in ferry. She wanted me to show her what's ferry on youtube and immediately told her dad that she wanted to ride it. That week end, my husband insists that we go for a day trip to Penang so our lil girl could experience the ferry ride. 
After breakfast that morning, we drove from Ipoh to Butterworth ferry terminal and enjoy our calming ride to Penang Island.
Look at that face tho!

Once we arrived at Penang jetty, we drove to …