Monday, August 3, 2015

ASMA clans and Kopimeo

Hi girls.

I think this post is a kinda late coz me and my ASMA clans had this gathering during the Ramadhan month. We met for iftar at Kopimeo in Seksyen 9, Shah Alam. I think we haven't met for couple of years since our last Iftar at Halia restaurant Sime Darby. I haven't met Mahani, my schoolmates which became my officemate like ages, well 5 years I guess?

Vic can't joined us that day coz she went back to her hometown in Sarawak. So there were only four of us-Shaheera, Linda, Mahani and I. Ira suggested that we gathered at Kopimeo, a newly opened cafe owned by her childhood friend. We arrived at the cafe to nearly berbuka time and ordered our meal prior arrival.

So happy that we finally can spent time, makan, borak, taking tonnes of pictures and went to prayers as well.
We were updating the long over due story since we last met, me and Mahani talking about babies, our breastfeeding journey (mommy syndrome!), what a flabby tummy we had (haha!) and we ultimately couldn't be more excited about the boyfriend stories from Linda and Ira..nahhh! They only talked about werk! Linda, Mahani and Vic are currently working with Petronas in KLCC while Ira is still with Sime Darby. What?? Am I the only one who is not working here?!! You guys should belanja me that day. dang! I forgot to ask.

So all these girls hang out thang became more exciting when we were at Kopimeo cafe. It has cozy environment, a place that we really love to hang out next time, or maybe every time!

This is what I have that day; Seafood Spaghetti Arrabbiata- spaghetti in spicy tomato sauce with mussels,prawns and squids. Yummeh!
After break fast, we then headed to the nearby surau and had our Maghrib prayers. Mahani wanted to go back since she left her 1yo baby boy at home with his husband.

The three of us, Ira, Lenda and I then went again to Kopimeo to had our next meal and continue chit chatting! Gosh.There's so much to catch up I tell ya! Sampai sambung makan balik.

We tried their special french toast and lemme tell's delicious guys!! Sedap sedap sedap I suka!!!

We had so much fun at Kopimeo. Bye for now, but I'm pretty sure I will be coming back again with my husband and our munchkin Aulia. They have a little space for kids play area and maybe I gotta chance to romantically date my husband at this awesome place!


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