Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Manicure and Pedicure

Hi ladies!

Are you looking for a mani-pedi salon in Ampang?? Look no further than the newly opened CapellobyNina at Ampang Point (well, they already launched their saloon 1 year ago..so me!). 

Couple of months ago I was applying the home-made henna (sexy red I tell ya!) on my nails and it turned up so ugly that I desperately need it off from me.. 

But time goes by, I forgot to groom my nails and yeah, ugly me still remain ugly as usual. Nobody complains. 

Then Raya came by, I had to cuci pinggan mangkuk like hell banyak gila and my nail become uglier than it was.

Then I remember the 'women only salon' at Ampang point and decided to do my nails. I brought along my 'bff' and she decided to poop during the visit. duh!

Makin' an innocent face.

Lucky, Capello has kids play zone area to keep this girl busy while mom get her nails done. They also got an in house surau for the muslim sisters to perform solat in between their treatment. Great!Mom still be able to perform prayers without worry.

Not to worries ladies, this salon only use quality and solat friendly hair, nails and skin products.Best kan?

These two ladies memang kids friendly, suka layan Aulia', and they are really dedicated. I just love the results. My nails looking fabulous now!

For those who are interested to come and do your hair/nails or skin treatment, you can refer to the price below. I took this from the pamphlet from Capello.  

Since I really loves the result from my nails treatment, I decided to joined their membership which costs me only RM20 for 2 years. I can enjoy 10% discount on every treatment, and any friends that come along with me can enjoy that discount too! Great deal huh!
Splendid salon environment. I just love it!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

My Eid Outfit

Hi girlies!!

This Eid celebration is a one of my great and wonderful reason I can get to dress up. I have picked colour palettes that are little softer, like beige, pink, light green and my favourite colour ever; purple for my Eid collection this time. I've included some 'flame' color outfit for a little more drama.

I prefer to dress more comfortably this year rather than last year outfit which I need to dress to a more 'nursing-friendly', but not this year. I can wear a two-piece baju kurung and rock the day without any hassle.

Take a look!
This is my outfit during day 1 of our Eid. I'm wearing a 'Batik' motive outfit and an emerald green scarf to match with my husband baju melayu outfit. Oh ya, this photo was taken by my little girl, so please excuse the poor lighting, hehe!
To adding more sassy look, I pull on the turquoise stone headpiece with my scarf. There are many ways to add some fun and glam to your outfit to make them special for Eid.
   I'm wearing a full beaded Vietnam Kurung on the second day of Eid. Since I'm travelling to relatives houses on that day, I prefer to wear a simple and express hijab.

On the third day of Eid, we have a family gathering at the husband's hometown. I picked a pastel color outfit to match with my husband outfit on that day.

This outfit was by Jovian Mandagie for Zalora. It has full beads on the centre of the cloth and it's definitely all girls staple because it perfect for days or evenings out. I match the kurung with brown colour scarf from The Poplook and cute pink handbag from Michael Kors.

I love the idea of wearing abaya during the night. It's the perfect modest outfit since it needs no extra accessories.  I just pair it with cute bag and I'm good to go!

Dressing a solid color would be only once in a while option for me, but this time around I bought few solid colour outfits for Eid celebrations.

A new versatile dress collection from Zawara with embellishment by way of diamonds around the waist and sleeves make it more outstanding than just a solid color outfit.
Goes by the name of Rihanna dress, the bodice and sleeves are fitted but not tight, and the sleeves feature an ingenious invisible zip which ease us to perform the ablutions. What I love most with this gown is that it has a nice fall and flowy front skirts when it's windy. I pair the dress with a gold colour scarf from CalaQisya.

This is another solid color outfit from my Eid collections.
This is an outfit by Minaz. The full A-line skirts with a layer underneath means that there is a chance of overheating when wearing the gown on hot days. If you're non-heavy sweater, then this outfit is perfect for a 'special occasion'. This dress has a long zip at the back, a long matching colour ribbon for additional stylish look, sequins at the sleeves and flower patch for additional highlights.  Wear this with a high heels and I'm ready to go.

Another collection of mine is from Bella Ammara Raya collection.
This is my favourite colour outfit: Purple.
Whether I'm going to be out and about visiting friends and family, I like to go back to our cultural roots with kurung. Fusion it up with cape, why not? I think this is one of ingenious invention by Bella Ammara. It is sleek and modern, easy way to cover up the arm and chest without unnecessary bulkiness.

So that's all from me.

Let's spread some love girls, share your Eid outfit with me!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

"Also can" or "can also"

Assalammualaikum wbt..

Entry ni khas untuk kawan-kawan yang tengah pening buat write-up literature review macam aku,,hehe..kadang-kadang dah tua-tua cam aku ni masih confused pasal simple grammar and how to susun ayat-ayat powerful untuk LR korang..

Sebenarnya dah tahu..tapi saja nak check kan betul ke tak..haa..

Ok aku bagi example..(example aku ikut engineering term.. so pandai-pandai la korang, sebenarnya sama je mana-mana pun)..

The network system also can provide an optimal effluent treatment at minimum cost..

Okay kawan-kawan..ayat kat atas tu salah.. can atau could adalah modal verbs. Maka perkataan also harus diletakkan selepas modal verbs..ayat yang betul adalah seperti di bawah..

The network system can also provide an optimal effluent treatment at minimum cost. 

Oh My English!!

Selamat menulis!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Aulia' trip to UTM JB

Assalammualaikum wbt..

Rasanya macam dah lama aku tak balik UTM JB,,,sebab supervisor aku tak panggil so aku pun tak balik la sana..hehe..aku study kat UTM KL je,,We all communicate via email and whatsApp je ape-ape hal..dia pun selalu je jumpa aku kat KL bila dia datang meeting kat sini.

Memandangkan labmate aku organise Iftar so aku decide nak balik sana and jumpa supervisor aku sekali..Memandangkan lama jugak aku tinggalkan bilik hostel tu (dulu masa 1st sem aku dok hostel kat Kolej Datin Sri Endon and saja sambung sampai sem 2 tapi  tak duduk pun), takut pulak rasa nak tidur sorang-sorang.."ek elehh ramadhan kot..manede jin syaitonn sume kene ikat"..huhu aku takut jugak! 

So husband aku kata kalau takut tidur hotel...pfft..same gak kene tido sorang. 

Erkk..dah last minute cemni mane nak ade hotel mesti full la punye..huhu

fikir punya fikir..tiba-tiba rasa nak bawak Aulia..haaa...bawak Aulia' tidur skali kat hostel aku..amacam brilliant tak idea mak..

So we all gerak tengahari and aku tumpangkan labmate aku Azy (aku pickup dia kat Macy's Serdang). Azy balik KL jumpa family..ni dia nak balik JB tumpang aku..bagusnya aku takda la sorang-sorang drive dengan Aulia..

Bila sampai hostel, aku mandi and mandikan Aulia' skali..malam tu we all nak iftar kat Bigfood Jalan Nong Chik. Nak celebrate birthday Aulia' sekali..

Posing sikit depan N29..

Tuudia Untie Azy belanja Aulia' makan malam ni:)

And then Aulia' kata nak jalan-jalan tengok lampu..Amboii..banyak pulak permintaan dia,,

Sapa orang Johor mesti tau tempat ni..

The next day aku masuk lab nak buat kerja dan siapkan apa-apa yang patut..Aulia' pun aku bawak sekali masuk lab..dia duduk kat cubicle postdoc and tengok kartun..haa senang!

So petang tu aku balik hostel awal sebab nak mandikan Aulia' and siap-siap nak keluar ke Malay Village Restoran.

Ni semua labmate aku from PROSPECT UTM. Yang belanja kitorang ni Pengarah lab kitorang merangkap main supervisor aku. heuheuheu...Anak dia tembam baqhang,..anak aku meleding je..T_T
Haa boleh tengok drama swasta Aulia' kat sini..dia punya la suka dengan anak kawan aku ni,..budak tu nak balik pun dia tak mau lepas..siap cium peluk bagai...kesian anak aku nak adik sangat tu..huhu..

Oh, makanan kat Malay Village Restaurant semua sedap-sedap. Ni apa yang diorang hidang on that day:

1- Kambing Golek, Fries and Salad
2- Laksa
3- Ikan 3 Rasa
4- Kepah and Udang goreng butter
5- Nasi Putih and Nasi Kuning
6- Sayur-sayuran
7- Somtam mangga
8- Ice-cream (Perisa Coffee, Chocolate, etc)
9- ABC
10- Fruit Punch, Air Mangga, Teh Tarik, Air Suam
13- Dessert

Ada banyak lagi makanan sampingan tapi aku tak pegi ambik pun sebab nak jaga Aulia'..yang pegi dok tambah-tambah makanan untuk aku semua geng-geng girls aku ni.. haa sweet kan..sekejap datang ice-cream, skejap datang air, pastu ABC pulak..macam-macam..sampai pukul 9 la kitorg duduk situ duk perabih makanan je. Aulia' pun makan banyak..seronok agaknya makan ramai-ramai..yela kalau kat rumah aku berapa ketul je orang..dia pun tak lalu nak makan..kali ni dia makan nasi banyak sangat,,Happy mak!. Nak sembahyang jangan risau, ada masjid sebelah restoran tu. Walking distance je.

Bila nak balik tu aku salam Raya la siap-siap dengan semua orang sebab keesokkannya aku dah nak balik KL. Tak balik UTM dah kot until after raya atau pun sampai la aku proposal defence sem depan.huhu..

So the next day baru aku dengan Aulia' gerak balik KL. But before balik aku bawak dia pegi ekuin park UTM. kot2 dapat la naik kuda, tapi hari jumaat diorang cuti..So aku bawak jela dia tengok2 kuda tu, dapat pegang2 pun jadi la..hehe.

Then we all pegi Taman Rusa.. Kat dalam UTM jugak..haa semua ada...dah macam zoo pulak..

Sepanjang perjalanan si lepat ni baik je duduk diam-diam dalam car seat tu..dapat aircond dia tidur la apa lagi..

Thursday, July 2, 2015

14 Ramadhan yang bermakna

Assalammualaikum wbt,,

Specialnya tarikh ni hanya family, family in-law dan siblings aku saja yang tau,,tarikh 14 Ramadhan memang akan diingati setiap tahun.. pada tarikh ini aku melahirkan Aulia'..maka genaplah 14 Ramadhan tahun ni Aulia' berusia 4 tahun...

Anakanda ibu, Nur Haninda Aulia'...

Genapnya Aulia berusia 4 tahun pada hari ini..ibu dan papa bersyukur kerana Aulia' membesar dengan sihat dan cergas.. ibu dan papa juga bersyukur kepada Allah kerana kurniakan kami anak yang bijak..Aulia' sangat pandai bertutur kata, petah berbicara dengan ibu dan papa. Satu-satunya permata kami, yang pandai mengambil hati. Keinginan ibu dan papa sangat tinggi untuk memberikan adik untuk Aulia' masih tidak kesampaian sehingga hari ini tetapi Aulia' lah menjadi pengubat ibu dan papa. Kami curahkan sepenuh kasih sayang kepada Aulia' dan rasanya tidak mampu jika hendak membahagi kasih kepada yang lain.

Ibu dan papa sentiasa dan tidak pernah putus berdoa untuk Aulia' setiap hari. Kami ingin Aulia' menjadi anak yang solehah, sangat taat pada Allah.

Jadilah insan yang berguna nak..akan papa dan ibu doakan kamu, in syaAllah. Aminnn.

Salam 14 Ramadhan dari ibu dan papa.

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