Tuesday, April 7, 2015

DIY: Distressing your boyfriend jeans

You see, finding the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans is not an easy task, and I'm never one to spend a ton on ripped denim that I could easily destroy myself. lol. When it comes to boyfriend jeans, I still like them slim. Many come just a tad too baggy and aren't the best for showing off your shape. I have a pair of skinny fit in my drawer for some time now, the reason I'm not wearing it anymore because it was my Uni time's jeans. Whether the jeans got smaller or I'm the one who got fat. You got the idea. So, I've been in a so-called 'diet' programme for couple of months now, not a food diet in particular but it more to supplement consumption and in order to see my changes in term of the 'I'm-less-fat-than-before', I would like to try on my skinny fit jeans to see whether it still fit me!

Surprisingly the 25 size skinny fit jeans suits me again very well but since this old jeans look truly old, I wanted to do something different with it, and I realize they are perfect starter for creating my own boyfriend jeans. They are still fitted around the butt and thighs but loosen up just enough around knee and calves- perfect for a skinny fit for boyfriend jeans that still show off the goods. 

So grab that old pair of loose jeans hidden in your closet and give them a sweet little makeover with easy tutorial. 

First, try on your jeans to have an idea of what areas you would like to distress. If you would prefer to make a mark rather than simply eyeball where on the jeans you intend to distress, use chalk or a pen. 

Cut straight, horizontal slits over the areas you want to distress. The slits should be 1/2-inch to 3/4-inch from each other, which will make pulling out the blue threads even easier. 

Use the tweezers to pull the blue threads, but only in the areas you've cut. It's okay if you can't get them all, or if you have blue fuzz in certain areas. It's all even out in the wash-pun intended!
Do this until only the white horizontal threads are exposed. Continue to do this distressing anywhere else on the jeans that you like. And if you're feeling real spicy rip holes in the knees! But hey ladies, if you don't really want to exposed your skin like me, I have a better way to style the old jeans without showing off your skin. 

I used a very old white t-shirt and sew it under the jeans around the distressed areas. It's very easy.

Pull out the rest of your outfit and voila! You're ready to rock n' roll. 

I also include my video on how to distressed your boyfriend jeans. Enjoy!


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