Monday, February 9, 2015

Funtime: Sunway Lagoon

A few pics from Aulia' first Sunway Lagoon visit- we had such a wonderful day..started off with breakfast at home, then picking up Kak Long (Aulia's cousin) at my sister's and head to Subang at 9.00 a.m. By the time we reached the counter, there was a long queue but we manage to score the tickets. Yeay!! But I would suggested to anyone out there, you better score tickets when they had promotions (i.e Groupons, Street deal, etc).
I've been to Sunway Lagoon when I was in primary school, but hadn't went again since then. Now after so many years, I decided to brought along my kid and my niece to visit Sunway Lagoon. This park really has a bit of everything!

The kids played the merry-go-round amusement and the kiddy rides thingy which is the Carousel and Apache Pots (the spinning teacup ride) before head to the wet park.
The happiest babe-I'll take the no sleep for this. Uh-ah wait until the end of this story.

There were lots of things I missed that I actually wish I caught on camera, like our Vuvuzela vortex water slide which is by far the best water ride I have been on. Unfortunately you wouldn't want to sacrifice your camera when you had your sixty degree drop into the funnel and reached the banked turn as you will be literally floating against the side wall of the slide. So you need both of your hand to hold on tight to the boat. Gosh that was fun! Major fun! if the queue wasn't that long, I would've went for another 3 rides.

We went for lunch in the afternoon. The park has a variety of light food options, but quite pricey I must say. The kids wanted some ice-cream after meal and then we went for a safari walk nearby the water park.
After that, we went back to the Lazy River for another two rounds, while papa enjoying his second vuvuzela ride and mom have to look after the kids for a while. The kids area was the best since Aulia' and Kak Long enjoyed the water slide so much. They also had the water gun shooting all over the places. Kak Long went for another water slide which is the mat racer Congo Challenge.

Few hours later we returned the float we rented for the water park and get ready to head back home. We kept our bags at the locker room which costs us about RM40 per locker. I would say it was overall convenient for us and the kids too. It was less hustle not taking around the bags and the towels with you.

Remember the happy babe I was talking about-yes, she fell asleep right after we had our wave pool fun in the sun! Hehe..


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