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Half way to 5

They say the 5th year of marriage is the toughest. Something about a "5 years itch". Early in my marriage I remember thinking, "Well, since Hafiz and I have been together since Uni time, 5 years of marriage is no big deal". However, as we are half way through our 5th year, I see the reality of the situation. These past 5 years have brought us a lot of life change. New job, a kid, a house loan, car payments, budgeting, meal planning, housekeeping..We are constantly go,go, going-pushing off from each other to get everything done. Some days we don't even kiss each other, let alone speak. It doesn't seem like a big deal at all until I sit back and really reflect on where our relationship is.  Last Saturday we had the rare pleasure of a date night out since Aulia' had a sleepovers at her cousin's. We sat a little not-so-romantic table across from each other for 2.5 hours without moving. No kid and lots of delicious food and good conversation. It s

Funtime: Sunway Lagoon

A few pics from Aulia' first Sunway Lagoon visit- we had such a wonderful day..started off with breakfast at home, then picking up Kak Long (Aulia's cousin) at my sister's and head to Subang at 9.00 a.m. By the time we reached the counter, there was a long queue but we manage to score the tickets. Yeay!! But I would suggested to anyone out there, you better score tickets when they had promotions (i.e Groupons, Street deal, etc). I've been to Sunway Lagoon when I was in primary school, but hadn't went again since then. Now after so many years, I decided to brought along my kid and my niece to visit Sunway Lagoon. This park really has a bit of everything! The kids played the merry-go-round amusement and the kiddy rides thingy which is the Carousel and Apache Pots (the spinning teacup ride) before head to the wet park. The happiest babe-I'll take the no sleep for this. Uh-ah wait until the end of this story. There were lots of thin

My right brain

As an art enthusiast, I love coming across such a random creativity. Since the age of 6, my mother encourages me to draw and paint. She once said, it trigger my right brain. Somehow I don't really understand that. I can't draw a straight line without a ruler, and sketched by my hand, a cow looks very like a dog, and vice-versa. I've been told many times that, with time and patience, most people can be taught to draw, but I still maintain I have the drawing equivalent of tone-deafness, which means I've always been filled with admiration of those who can draw and paint. Now, I sketched sometimes, a very random one. Just to relaxed my mind while I have hard time on my left brain doing the mathematical modeling for my research. And now, when I literally used both side of my brain, I'm truly satisfied.