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I woke up this morning feeling no different than 10 years ago, only worlds wiser. The sound of a babbling little girl woke me from my deep sleep. Instead of stumbling out of bed and racing to my smiley little girl, my normal reaction to her calls, I looked up to the ceiling for a minute. I stretched my arms above my head and reached my toes to the foot of the bed while taking a deep breath. 
And I saw this little girl handing me a bouquet of roses.  Wow, I'm 30. How will I embrace this day? This year. And I smiled.  To be honest, I've always dreaded turning 30 for some reason. I feel like when you're in your 20's the world is your oyster-your opportunities are endless and the rest of your life is ahead of you. But in the last few months I've come to realize that life doesn't stop when you turn 30. It is only just beginning, and I have a lot more to accomplished.  I am SO excited to be 30. I truly have a feeling that 30 is going to be a year of change for me. I…

The flavourist kinda date

Nothing like the casual coffee date on a perfect Saturday evening. Mine was more like a hot caramel latte kind of date (and an orange juice for the kiddo) but you get the idea. Casual bliss. And on a side note, how crazy is it that our little princess is already four and we are counting days to our 5th anniversary??! Whew does the time fly! I am so thankful I have all of them by my side, and hubs here being so supportive (um, with all the dishes and laundry hehe!) -blessing all around.  The Flavourist, Kuala Lumpur

My Kuching Trip and Conference

Hey guys!

Remember my trip to Kuching last two years? Last time it was a free-and-easy weekend trip with hubs and our lil kiddo. This time around I went to Kuching all alone for an international conference that usually held in Prague. The organiser decided to held the conference in Malaysia this year and it was really last minute confirmation (2 months before the conference), so I get super expensive air ticket the very last minute (and super expensive hotel too)! They wanted the 'regular' participants who joined this conference every year in Prague to get out from Europe and experience the 'Asian Forestry' and its weather. What laa,,Malaysia is experiencing haze right now. By the way, I was in Kuching for 5 days. I shared the hotel room with my post-grad mate, Suraya. My paper presentation were scheduled on the second day of the conference, so I have at least a night to revised my slide and speech. I waited for Sue at the airport and took the airport transfer togethe…

Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque

I have been to Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque for few times since I'm studying in UTM but this is my husband and Aulia's first visit. I have a meeting with my supervisor but I did not plan to stay long so my husband suggested that we go and stay on the weekend. I have meeting on Sunday morning at my supervisor office and the day before we went for sightseeing around JB. The one that caught my husband eyes is this Moorish-style mosque that strategically located on top of Jalan Masjid hill and facing the view of Singapore. It's not like the usual mosque we always seen here in KL because Sultan ABu Bakar Mosque more or less look like an English colonial building. The view from on top of the hill is simply breathtaking :)

The black and white partay

I remember 5 years ago when my girls and I had our little bridesmaid meeting and bridal shower at a coffee house in KLCC .... there were so much fun hanging around and portion of the shower was dedicated for present opening. Sheessh! I missed that! I didn't even get the chance to blog about it since I start writing right after I get married. ..Wanted to let that date becoming a turning point to blog more seriously tho.
This time around, we throw a surprise birthday partayyy for our brother (my BIL) cum groom shower (got meh??) planned by our future SIL. More or less it was siblings party sesh and night out. Since it was a surprise party, there were lots of planning on the theme and venue. Finally we decided to wear a black and white outfit and the venue has been booked by SIL. 
We met at a cool pizza place in Publika at 8.30 p.m and waiting for BIL to arrive. All the food arrangement and deco done by SIL. goes the birthday pizza and the birthday boy (oh ya and the s…

ASMA clans and Kopimeo

Hi girls.
I think this post is a kinda late coz me and my ASMA clans had this gathering during the Ramadhan month. We met for iftar at Kopimeo in Seksyen 9, Shah Alam. I think we haven't met for couple of years since our last Iftar at Halia restaurant Sime Darby. I haven't met Mahani, my schoolmates which became my officemate like ages, well 5 years I guess?

Vic can't joined us that day coz she went back to her hometown in Sarawak. So there were only four of us-Shaheera, Linda, Mahani and I. Ira suggested that we gathered at Kopimeo, a newly opened cafe owned by her childhood friend. We arrived at the cafe to nearly berbuka time and ordered our meal prior arrival.

So happy that we finally can spent time, makan, borak, taking tonnes of pictures and went to prayers as well.
We were updating the long over due story since we last met, me and Mahani talking about babies, our breastfeeding journey (mommy syndrome!), what a flabby tummy we had (haha!) and we ultimately couldn…

Manicure and Pedicure

Hi ladies!
Are you looking for a mani-pedi salon in Ampang?? Look no further than the newly opened CapellobyNina at Ampang Point (well, they already launched their saloon 1 year me!). 
Couple of months ago I was applying the home-made henna (sexy red I tell ya!) on my nails and it turned up so ugly that I desperately need it off from me.. 
But time goes by, I forgot to groom my nails and yeah, ugly me still remain ugly as usual. Nobody complains. 
Then Raya came by, I had to cuci pinggan mangkuk like hell banyak gila and my nail become uglier than it was.

Then I remember the 'women only salon' at Ampang point and decided to do my nails. I brought along my 'bff' and she decided to poop during the visit. duh!

Makin' an innocent face.

Lucky, Capello has kids play zone area to keep this girl busy while mom get her nails done. They also got an in house surau for the muslim sisters to perform solat in between their treatment. Great!Mom still be able to perform p…