Saturday, September 27, 2014

Mom is homesick

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Here it is again, that horrible feeling. I am homesick. 

Today marked a week of my stay here in JB. Alone. I know its just only a week. But you would probably feel me if you are far away from your own daughter. 

I miss my family so bad that it hurts sometimes. You would think Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp are tools to make things easier but it actually makes it even harder for me as I keep seeing photos of my daughter and here I am, more than 400km away, missing absolutely everything. 

Our family has always been very close, especially me, my daughter and my mom. I see my mom everyday when I get back from work. We have spent so much time together that it was very strange when I moved to JB. I cried in my prayers everytime. 

Just hoping I can be much stronger with my journey ahead. I just found out that my husband had a fever for three days already. Demam Rindu. Ahh, I feel sick too. Homesick.


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