Monday, August 25, 2014

MyPhD Journey: My first paper for the Copenhagen conference

Assalamualaikum wbt..

I am currently struggling with this dilemma as I work on what will be one of my research for my PhD. On the other hand, I am still working with the company and the closer it is to my last working day, the more workloads are coming and unlikely that I'm going to handover my tasks to my subordinates now. I have to attend meetings, review reports from consultants, attend interviews, Kebenaran Bertulis to DOE for WTE Plant, respond to the CEO for my long delayed MSW analysis report and currently been chased by the HR to carry out appraisal for my subordinates before I leave on my last day. So much paperwork.

It can be hard for me to respond with lightning speed to journals and formulate a well-crafted paper for one of my research objective within 1 week. I received an email from my supervisor couple of weeks ago about the Copenhagen conference that will be held next year. We need to submit a paper for a new proposed research and my supervisor has selected my research to be submitted to the conference committee before the end of this month.

The objective of the research is clear however the method need to be firm up and by firm up, I mean I need a better direction of doing it. I have not write any academic paper for the past 4 years except the proposal I wrote for this doctorate study three months ago.  I referred to my supervisor Dr. S, and she gave me a clear direction on the method and few references to refer. So I begin to write. Dr. S introduced a co-supervisor for my research which is the Dean of the Faculty. I submitted my first revision of the conference paper to Dr. S and Prof. Z for their review and I received few comments from them for amendment.

In my paper, I tried to develop a mathematical model for water and wastewater design network. Previous research has been done mainly focuses on water system integration which has been widely used to minimize the freshwater consumption and wastewater generation and assist organizations to maximize water savings and minimize the potential impact of effluent on the environment. However, the focus has been mainly on minimizing the water and wastewater without considering the wastewater treatment network. So this is where I have to come with a mathematical model using a software to develop an integrated water and wastewater design network.

I've been reading my paper to make sure that I have maintained the flow and argument of my paper even after having made the revisions. Two days later I submit the paper to Dr. S and Prof. Z.
Prof. Z being the expert in this water and wastewater design network has given a lot of suggestions for improvement. I only had minor amendment after the second revision and ready to submit.

I can say it a success when I myself been juggling my work at the office while reading journals and write paper after Aulia' has asleep at night. I received positive comments from my supervisor and co-supervisor and they are already have something for me to do once I started my full time study next month.

I wish I can cope with the coming workloads at the Faculty and I'm praying hard that I am able to understand more on what I am doing for my research. Writing a paper is one thing, developing a math model is another thing that I really want to be competent with as soon as possible.

Okay, the paper has been submitted. Alhamdulillah!


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