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Happy Birthday Malaysia!

Assalamualaikum wbt.. We always hear phrases like "Proud to be Malaysian". But what are we proud of and what makes us truly Malaysians?  I totally understand what makes myself proud of. I definitely love the Malaysian Food and I can tell you exactly what and where are the best foods in town that we can get. We have many delicious food. When the general meeting among  friends is weyy dah makan ke? and people travel for hours just to get good food, you know you're in the right place. Yes, its here; Malaysia! I have an Indian friend who can speak Mandarin very well, and a Malay friend who can speak Tamil fluently..and mind you..Malaysians are usually bilingual or trillingual, making us 1Malaysia. It was special how sometimes we Malaysian could use three different languages in the same sentence and still be understood by friends. Haha!  Malaysian also get to celebrate and experience different festivals and dress up in Baju Kurung, Cheongsam, Punjabi suts

MyPhD Journey: My first paper for the Copenhagen conference

Assalamualaikum wbt.. I am currently struggling with this dilemma as I work on what will be one of my research for my PhD. On the other hand, I am still working with the company and the closer it is to my last working day, the more workloads are coming and unlikely that I'm going to handover my tasks to my subordinates now. I have to attend meetings, review reports from consultants, attend interviews, Kebenaran Bertulis to DOE for WTE Plant, respond to the CEO for my long delayed MSW analysis report and currently been chased by the HR to carry out appraisal for my subordinates before I leave on my last day. So much paperwork. It can be hard for me to respond with lightning speed to journals and formulate a well-crafted paper for one of my research objective within 1 week. I received an email from my supervisor couple of weeks ago about the Copenhagen conference that will be held next year. We need to submit a paper for a new proposed research and my supervisor has selected

Aulia''re Three!

Assalamualaikum wbt.. Here we are, one year older. I just re-read Aulia's two years old birthday post and it's funny. Not a lot has changed in a year. She's just gotten bigger. All her favorites are still favorites.. pocoyo, barney, counting, hotdog, biscuits, chocolate milk. She loves to dance, singing, snuggle (oh my goodness, she LOVES to snuggle), she's obsessed with Frozen, her dolls & princess dresses. She's getting better at dressing herself. If I had to describe Aulia' in one word it would be sweet. She's the biggest little sweetheart. She's silly & sensitive & does what she's asked & just loves to be home and cozy and comfortable. She's my little homie. Sure, she still has her moments..if there's something she wants she'll ask and ask and ask until you come to realize there's just no doing anything else until you've taken care of whatever it is she wants. She's persistent. Her favorite

Happy Birthday Singapore!

Assalamualaikum wbt.. We were having a gathering at my auntie's home at Sims Avenue watching the parade on Chanel 5 during Singapore's NDP. We have planned to go and watch the fireworks at night but unfortunately we arrived a bit late due to traffic congestion. We strolled around the Olympic walk and watched people hanging around with their family and friends at Marina Bay Sand while watching the beautiful bright light of Singapore city. Happy Birthday Singapore, from your fellow neighbourhood.

Eid 2014 Celebration: Aulia's Raya money [Packets]

Assalamualaikum wbt..  So after more than 1 week of celebrating Eid, non-stop of eating kuih raya and other wickedly wicked things, the parents must have been so busy attending the open houses everywhere. Although celebrating is on everyone's mind, kids have prioritized something else during the festivities; Raya money. Or in Aulia's case; the raya money packets. lol.While every other kids lines up to collect their raya money, my lil girl only obsessed about the colorful packets! Well, what does a 3 years old kid knows about money btw. I'll bet she'll tune into her loan shark spirit when she turns 4. Ahah! You see the Upin Ipin's money packet? She loves that the most. She didn't event let me take it from her. Anyway, thank you unties, uncles and grandparents who gave Aulia' Raya money this year. All goes in to her Yippie account straight away! Thank you again from Mak Jemah! See ya next year!

Eid 2014 Celebration: Open House & Aulia' Birthday Celebration

Assalamualaikum wbt.. Finally, after a month of fasting, Ramadhan gives way for Syawal to shine. And you know what that means! It's Raya Raya Raya!! This year my in-law decided to host an open house to celebrate our Eid festive by inviting all the relatives and neighbors on the third day of Syawal. This 'open house' is also in conjunction with our Doa Selamat event and to celebrate our daughter 3rd birthday..  We called in the caterers and I did the DIY 'mini candy buffet' for the guests. My MIL made rendang and we bought lemang to served to the all the guests. As usual, everyone has their own task. My FIL is in-charged with the invitations, the boys with their furniture arrangement and housekeeping while the girls are busy with the food preparation. Well, everything is organized when everyone gave a helping hand I can say :) The open house begin at lunch hour and people starts to filled up our living hall. We served tea and cookies for the unties a

Eid 2014 Celebration: Forgiving & family photo session

Assalamualaikum wbt.. Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Walillah hil Hamd! Syukur Alhamdulillah! I managed to perform my Aidilfitri prayers with my husband's family at a Masjid nearby our homestay in Jitra, Kedah. We went back to Ipoh on Saturday (two days before Eid) and we drove to Jitra on the next day. My husband's Tok Wan is staying in Kodiang Kedah but we only managed to get the homestay in Jitra. The traffic was congested all the way from Kuala Lumpur when we went back to Ipoh but Alhamdulillah it was clear all the way to the north the day before Eid. I bet many people have arrived to their respective hometown on Saturday. The masjid was quite packed and overflowing with worshipers but I still managed to make it to the inner hall with my SIL. The prayers went smoothly and I enjoyed my visit to the masjid on the morning of raya. Alhamdulillah! After prayers we went back to our homestay and had breakfast together. It is a tradition that we seek for forg