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MyPhd Journey: The first step

Assalammualaikum wbt.. So my leave application system at work talks to me. So does. Pssstt you there, it said, you have 4 days earned leave. Use me woman. And I said, Oh pleaseee, I ain't going no where. I have earned and successfully kept 4 days as opposed to my famous negative leave + unpaid leave days. Ah good times, good times.  Clearly shows I've yet to take a break in the past 1 month. 'Must you go on a holiday every month?' It's really unheard of someone said... Unheard of?  Okay to put it gently-my batteries need some serious recharging once every month. I'm motivationally drained (got such a word?) coz I seriously don't get any sitting and staring at my lappy from 9.00 am - 7.00 pm everyday. It's damaging my brain cells or what's left of it. I wake up tired and I go home tired. On some days I have a back ache. On the other days I feel like jumping off from the Penthouse floor, just to see if I secretly have wings that will set of

The time that I locked my toddler in the car

Assalamualaikum wbt.. Oh yes.. this is a major Mommy Fail moment..get ready for it. Ka-thunk! That's the sound the door made as it closed and locked Aulia' in the car, standing at the car back seat after my husband carried her in and accidentally closed all the doors. Our car key was on the front seat.  It's also the sound of my heart dropping through my legs and out my toes and although this happened yesterday, I am still a little shaky. I can't believe I am sharing it here. I am embarrassed and ashamed and still feel the worst kind of awful that I let it happen at all. I was the one who holding the car key and what on earth I was thinking by putting the car key on the front seat??! And we were only an hour away to break fast. We were in the KFC parking lot and things were going well- I even remembered our list to buy for Iftar! And, like always, we put on the things we bought at the car back seat and carry Aulia' inside before we get i

Nasi Tumpang Recipe

Assalamulaikum wbt.. I hope it is not too late to wish all my readers a Happy Ramadhan! It's been a while since I last cooked so it's taking a while to get comfortable back in the kitchen coz it does scare me a lil and quite honestly it's as good as starting all over again!  I made scramble eggs a few days ago for breakfast and I'm more than thrilled it turned out well, lol so for now my mom is still the main chef here. But today, as of the day 6 of Ramadhan, my mom and I decided to cook a Kelatanese cuisine which is 'Nasi Tumpang' for Iftar. Nasi Tumpang is a Kelantanese secret recipe beautifully prepared layer by layer of pressed rice cakes and wrapped into a banana leaf shaped cone.  The cost for ingredients cost a little less I believe and served 4 1/2 of us (Husband, mom, my lil sister, myself and Aulia') so huge thumbs up for cost saving factor while putting out a yummy easy to make dinner for on the table without buying at the Bazaar.