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Eat.Pray.Love Bali - The Journey

Assalamualaikum wbt.. I've been planning this Bali trip/ honeymoon since December last year, been googling and doing further research of place of interest and food to eat in Bali, Indonesia. The most tiring part is to search for a place to stay, I've been stressing for quite some time till I've found the best deal to stay at Umalas Hotel & Residence, Seminyak (4 Days, 3 Nights). We both enjoyed our stay there very much, despite the fact that it is a little further away from the city but we have our own transporter to chauffeur us around which makes everything so convenient for us. We managed to find a very lovely driver from the internet- Pak Sastri and he is a Muslim guy. Make it so much easier for us to find halal food and mosque/musolla for prayers :) :) I remember the night before the trip, hubby haven't really pack his luggage till 11 pm at night when our flight is 9 am the next day in the morning, guess he was too excited, and yes he didn't sleep t

Teaching Aulia' the very basic Namaz

Assalamualaikum wbt.. You know Aulia', at this age she's really like a sponge that absorb is really up to us to provide the good things for her to learn. Several months ago, we teach her to recite du'a before eating.. Alhamdulillah, she can now recite the du'a without us reminding her each time before eating . . I really thanked my husband for that. He constantly shows our daughter the right example for her to follow. While I think it is way too early for Aulia' to learn about Namaz, my husband on the other hand said Aulia' will eventually learn from our act. If we show her the example, she will follow us... and that's what she showed us the other day and we were quite surprised she wanted to wear the telekung this time around. We showed her the basic steps so that she can follow us starting from Takbiratul Ihram.. Recite Al Fatihah and Ruku'.. Sujuud Attahiyaat.. Salam.. We shall pray and hopefully Aulia' wi

For the love of Park

Assalamualaikum wbt.. We have tried to be good about going to the park with Aulia' at least once a week! The park is 5 minutes from our house and it really nice! Since it was all hazy for the past couples of weeks, we have skipped our outdoor activities and stayed indoor instead.  The pictures are from yesterday. The weather has been good to us, heavy rain in the morning and the night before which help clears up the haze. When we first got there, there were many other kids playing at the swings and slides. She loves the swings and she used to hate the slides, Yesterday must have been a whole new day, because I put her on the slides and she was OK with it, for 45 minutes she slides! Yes, park life is great! I love having weekend and going to the park with my baby, and good to know that the haze is gone for now-Alhamdulillah!

Good Feeling

Assalamualaikum wbt.. The other night, I checked on Aulia' before I went to bed, just like I always do. I took a snuggly sleeping girl to the potty, and gave her a good night kiss and fixed her covers. And as always, I whispered in her ear how much I love her, how amazing she is, and how lucky I am to have her. I always hope that my loving words will make it into her subconscious or her dreams or something. I don't know. But that night, by the time I made it back into my bed, I was literally in tears (and I may or may not be in tears again as I write this). At that moment, I was so overwhelmed with the love I have for a special people in my  life. I cried to the hub, marveling about how happy I am because of her. How much I love and cherish our family. How awesome our daughter is. How did we get so lucky to call her ours? What a good feeling. 

Lunch date with my girls

Assalamualaikum wbt.. Sigh, another weekend came and went so fast! Sunday Afternoon @Halia, Sime Darby Convention Center to celebrate Vic's birthday and meet up with my Ex-ASMA girls (Shaheera, Victoria, Linda and Mahani).  It doesn't happen often that I am able to meet up (#amomthingy) and have lunch with my girls but last weekend we managed to gathered all of us since everybody were busy including me! And when we can get together, there is much talking and laughing and catching up on things that have happened in the interim. Mahani couldn't join us that day because she got to go to Malacca and had meeting the next morning. But good to know she is 5 months pregnant now. I would love to meet her next time. Shaheera got a special deal at SDCC since she's a Sime Darby staff. Lucky us we got discounts for the buffet lunch. The food was scrumptious! The company was awesome and I really can't wait to do it again! Thanks

Aulia's big girl room reveal

Assalamualaikum wbt.. Ever since the last time we tried and failed to get Aulia' to sleep in a big girl bed, I've been chatting it up and periodically asking her if she wants to try it again. The answer was always no, or not yet, or "maybe later." But later finally came on last few weekends, when she actually agreed to sleep in her big girl bed which is in another room. In an effort to avoid jinxing the situation, I've avoided posting about it, but it's official. Aulia' is sleeping in a big girl bed, and she's happy about it! She fell out on the first night and I realized I forgot to put pillow down (#momfail). She was totally fine despite the incredibly loud noise that sent me and hubby running from the next bedroom at vampire speed! And I assumed she'd figure it out after the first fall and learned to adjust the other night. And the best part (here's where I'm going to jinx myself, I'm sure...) is that she doesn't get ou