Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Assalamaualaikum wbt..

It feels like my mind is being pulled 360 directions lately. In one week's time we went from 33 degree weather to 26 degrees  and to 33 again! and you'll know that monsoon is coming up. Maybe this has something to do with craving change in multiple areas of my life. Maybe this why I can't seem to focus on one task long enough to make any good progress in a sitting. Today I'm feeling the urge to sort through my thoughts-to clean things up in my mind a bit.

  • My daughter turns two two month from yesterday. So crazy! I still see her as such a baby, but she's really not anymore. I'm dying for her to start talking better. She's super late in her words and it's frustrating for both of us sometimes. I can't believe it's past time for me to start thinking about planning a 2nd birthday party!

  • I feel myself approaching a turning point- a fork in the road. I've spent the last decade growing up. Instead of using all of it to explore who I am, I finished school, got married, and started popping out baby. No regret. Yes, there will be more babies (at least one, I hope!) but there will also be more time spent dream dabbling and getting comfortable in my own skin. I want to delve a little deeper in to baking and cooking, try my hand at selling something online, and maybe even experience being a SAHM before my firstborn heads off to kindergarten. I'm sick of always wondering "what if".
  • The last 3 nights have been hell. For some reason I've been an insomniac even though I am painfully exhausted and want nothing more than to sleep. And then when I finally do drift off, Aulia' has a night terror (screaming, crying, kicking, fun times). I am so. dang. tired. Maybe tonight will be the night. How the heck did I survive Aulia' first year of life until she FINALLY slept through the night? Seems like such a distant memory.
  • I have a serious love-hate relationship with social media. One day I can't get enough of it, and the next I just want to kill all things technology and pretend it ever existed. Sometimes all of it just gives me a headache and I feel like I can't keep up. Anyone else?
  • Monsoonal affective disorder. Blah..Sunny day was a super productive time for me. I stayed up late into the evenings entertaining my little one and writing. Now? Now I can barely keep my eyes open and my brain focused past 10pm. I seriously don't know how I'm going to make it through the next 3 months until December. I need a happy light recommendation!


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