Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thursday Letters

Assalamualaikum wbt..

This week gonna be a long weekend due to Malaysia's public holiday, so lets do this...

Dear self,
Stop staring at the Raya food hampers that you KNOW you shouldn't be eating so much junk food and sweet drinks..t minus 14 days to Eid and you need to fit your raya outfit..

Dear Disney Jr.,
Thank you for entertaining my sweet girl, but could you get some new episode already.

Dear Candy Crush Saga,
You are utterly addicting and I hate that I can't stop playing even when I have been stuck on the same level for 4 days! Arrgghh!

Dear BlackBerry Bold
Thanks for being loyal to me for 3 years, and now that you're broken, I can now get a new phone for myself :)

Dear long holidays,
I am so excited for you.. we are going back to hub's hometown tonight. Then tomorrow we are FINALLY getting family pictures done (stay tuned for a post with those).

Have a great weekend everyone!


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