Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Resolution Review,Year is almost half over!

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Well, June is already halfway, 6 months for 2013 is almost done! I can't believe it . So here is the list I created back in December last year for my 2013 goals. 

1) Lose Weight
2) Attempt New look
3)Embrace Change with Open Arms
4)Travel Smart and Travel More
5) Save Wisely
6) A New Job
7) Do more Sedekah
8) Cooking
9) Not to eat Pineapple

Number one, is no go. I was going to focus on my current weight and it was so hard to lose weight when you're already underweight. My husband think 48 kilos is just perfect for me. Whatever it is, I need to balance off my diet with more healthy food. I went for a diet consultation few months ago and it help me alot with my healthy food diet. 

Number two, for some reason I already start this goal since January. I got new hair cut and shaping up my waist. I started doing belly dance exercise like everyday once I get back from work. Hoping that my hard work paid off soon!

Number three, yeah I don't really see this happening. Sigh!

Number four, SCORE! I did this in January, February and thinking I might need another soon, maybe in August, September and November, ha!

Number five, I manage to save as what I have planned, Alhamdulillah. Since it has taken one-third of my wages, the balance goes for paying car loan and Aulia's savings, insurances etc. 

Number six, now I thought this one was never going to happen! But I happened to come across a great opportunity when I had few job interviews earlier this year with Sime Darby Property. Long story short, my GM has promoted me to an Assistant Manager position and salary adjustment in January. How can I not agree to that?! Not that I'm so stupid for not going to Sime Darby but I had a long term goal in my own career. 

Number seven, I am hoping to get this done as frequent as I can but I'm not going to talk about this. This should be like 'Tangan Kanan memberi, sorokkan tangan kiri'.. 

Number eight, since my mom had her heart surgery this year, she can no longer do the housework like those days. But somehow she really love to cook and she still cooked dinner for us every day. But during the weekend, I'll do the cooking and the internet helps a lots by sharing good recipes. and I baked too! yippie!

And finally number nine, naaahh that's easy peasy! 

SO there you have it, my recap! Do you have goals or resolutions for 2013, how are you doing?


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