Sunday, June 2, 2013

Filling the weekend with Aulia'

Assalamualaikum wbt..

It's funny how the to-do list can be a mile long, but it all goes out the window when you're spending the day along with your children. Priorities shift from productivity too simply meeting (and hopefully exceeding) their needs. If you're lucky, maybe you can check off a couple things, but if it isn't in their best interest then chances are it isn't yours. And no matter how long the list of things you just MUST get done is, when it comes to entertaining lil girl all day long, there just isn't enough to do. 

I'm coming down off a lovely 3-days weekend spent at home. 1 day MC taken due to my Dysmenorrhoea and hub had to work on the weekend for his freelance design works. I got some more practice in the Mom vs The Kid game. I'm happy to report that I had the BEST weekend and learned a couple of things along the way..

1.  I am an awesome mom. And I say that with confidence (if you're a mom, you should say it too!). This weekend I nailed the perfect balance of kid fun and mom have-to's. I cleaned out Aulia' closet AND took her for new shoe shopping. When I get home, I folded laundry AND played puzzles and built block towers. Somehow I was productive AND a fun mom So, I guess it can be done.

2. I really do have the best companion. My last post may have came across more dark and depressing than I hoped. I wasn't writing that from a place of sadness, it was just merely an observation and a truth to what I feel sometimes-lonely. But this weekend Aulia' and I had a wonderful play-dates with her Aunt Makyang. I feel so blessed, I love you to the moon and back darling!

3. Days with the kid is so much better when there is a game plan. Usually during my weekends alone with Aulia' we just wing it. Minute by minute I am trying to come up with things to do to fill the day. But this time? This time I had plans. We had our play-dates in the afternoon and errands/ chores in the morning. Not only was this great for my sanity (things to look forward to), but it was nice for Aulia' to know what we were going to do all day. Instead of my usual, "well, maybe we'll go to the park today or maybe we'll go shopping", I was able to tell her, "we're going to Mak's place in the morning and then after lunch and naps we're going to meet up with some friends." Now I know what my problem was before! 

Beside filing  our days with fun activities and a little bit of chores,  they were definitely packed full of love. (The fact that tomorrow is Monday and I have to work is just breaking my heart right now. I don't want to leave my baby!)

oh, and I finally busted my phone and captured my lil girl pics! I sure do wish I had more time to play with photography.


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