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Meeting the Gyneacologist

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Okay first of all..I'm NOT pregnant. Don't get me wrong:)

Beginning of this year, I decided to book for gynea visit..*at last!* Because ever since I delivered Aulia', I've never been for a thorough check with the gynea, because I'm scared and I thought it was painful after the last  checkup during my pregnancy. 
I know one can get a yearly checkup with a normal GP, but I thought I should start to find a gynea that both of me and Hafiz are comfortable with, so we can use the same gynea when we decided to have another baby in future. *avid planner*
So I started googling around and speaking to friends who have done the checkup. 

I finally drew up the requirement for my gynea and she must be willing to go for a natural birth. Okay, not fully natural like birth in bath tub lar but of course if last minute cannot for whatever reason, she will still do ceaserean on me. Because I heard alot in  Ampang Hospital, the gynea will 'push' you to opt for a ceaserean so that it is scheduled etc. Plus it cost more and save their time.

After scouring every single possibilities, I decided to make an appointment with Dr.Roseline Moo. She was highly recommended by both a friend as well as my neighbour (and they do not know each other, just happen to speak about their gynea and then their eyes shines when they speak about her!). My friend even had an emergency pre-mature labour, etc, and told me how calm and quick she was at the hospital ready for her. Sigh! I wish I had that experience during my first delivery.  However, both of them gave the advice, get yourself in the doctor's patients list, as there will be a very long queue. Once you are in the list, you can easily  get an appointment should you have any issues/ or pregnant in the future.

So finally my appointment was just two weeks ago on the 11th of May.
I must say, I am very happy with her, and she tick off all my requirements for the perfect gynea.
Hubby accompanied me to the appointment as I also need him to be comfortable with her, seeing that I am looking for a 'lifetime' gynea.

We only went in at 11.30am although the appointment was for 11.00am. I was a bit nervous as I had bad experience with the gynea checkup last time and most of my friend says it's uncomfortable. Indeed it was uncomfortable for me last time due to my shyness with the doctors and nurses who widely straddle my leg. *shy*

My first impression of the gynea, she dresses nice *haha, serious*
Okay, okay she is very friendly from the start and smiles and also very genuine.
She takes her time talking to us, chatting about family history, asking if I have any question etc.
To be honest, at times I was thinking this at the back of my mind,'Are you sure my appointment is that long?'

Finally it was time for me to lie down and she does the checkup, she also takes time to show me the monitor and points to me my ovary, uterus etc. Hubby seems to see what she is seeing, but I don't. It's just blur pitch black and white and makes no real sense to me *sad*. She also did a breast screening and pap smear. I like the way she explaining to me what she is doing before she starts, so I am prepared for what is about to come. Surprisingly, it wasn't painful or anything *brave face*..

Then I was sent to the pathology lab to get some blood to check if I have rubella antibodies (if not, I will need a jab). All in all, I am glad I waited to get in this gynea's patient list, so that I will be in good hands when we plan to have another baby.

And yes, we are trying to get another baby this time:) Another hard work I tell you.. :) 


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