Friday, April 12, 2013

Shopping for fun!

Shopping is not only for shoes, my dear friends, as shocking as that is to hear and read...

Sometimes the urge to shop is just to participate in the act of scouring, spotting, and spending...not necessarily going to a store to get something you need. Call it wasteful, call it greedy..

...I call it fun!

Here are few things I came home with, in the past weekend, that I can't wear or model but love just the same!

Linen Blouse with Pockets by Zara Basic

Long sleeves shirts with pockets by Bershka Collection.

To be sure, this shirt is bright..naturally you would assume that it was a gift, since I don't normally gravitate towards a color like this..

It was a shopping treat from my dear hubby..and oddly enough, despite my deary, boring, neutral loving self, I love it!..Thanks hub!

I'm so glad he can so innocently push me out of my comfort zone, because I'm so glad that I have this shirt for outing and office wear. The color is insanely on trend for every occasion.


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