Saturday, April 20, 2013

Lunch date with the bestie!

 Assalamualaikum wbt..

It's time like this that I miss my besties the most.. We need to catch up over dinner, a night out of talking and gossiping, a night out of just plain catching up. I have SO many things to talk about and share, like seriously-it's time to meet up. Its been 6 years since we graduated! I only meet up with WaniMael, Taibah and Jay during our Master's in UPM. 

I miss you guys, for real..
This photo was taken back then in 2008. Fathi was the one on the left side, WaniSof, Jay, Taibah, WaniMael and Ain..missing here is Ekin and Azfar. By the way Fathi get married to Ekin. What a small world!

Hard to imagine that WaniSof and Ekin is going to have baby No.2!! Ain and Jay's first born is almost 1 year old. Where did the time go?!omg.

So last week we had a group chat in Facebook and decided to meet up. Unfortunately WaniSof couldn't make it coz she's in Sarawak teaching in Uitm Kuching. The rest was busy so I only manage to meet up with Ain and her husband Muin which is also our Uni mate. We decided to have a lunch together since Muin is free this weekend and just came back from a course in Kuantan. We go back to what I lovingly refer to as the "Entech Days" when we were all adorable and skinny and slightly crazy.

As we chatted during the lunch date, we realized we are indeed getting old. Lol. We are all dragging our butts after a workweek and for the most part would like nothing more that to curl up with a good book on our days off. Being with the children of course. 

This is Nur Iman, Ain's first born. I introduced Iman to Aulia' and apparently they bonded very well. Aulia' also called her 'Adik'. Too cute!

 Meeting old friends are always nice, To catch up on new developments, catch up on old times and old gossips and just to renew the friendship. 

We talked a lot of what's going on in our life and work. We even talked about going on a weekend of cheap holidays some day with babies so much so that I suggested the ladies come over to KL for weekend.

The 2 hours that we spent today passed by too fast too. Before we knew it, our babies and husband call signify that it was time to go home. Sigh..gonna miss my besties and hope that weekend trip become a reality one day! 

P/s: To Ekin, Fathi, WaniSof, Azfar, Taibah, Jay and Wani Mael..I'm looking forward to meet you guys and your babies of course!!! 

Anyway, baby girl requested to go shopping.  Lol. We asked her is she wanted to go home and she said 'NO!'. I ended buying her a fairy wings in Toys r' us and she helped me carry it to the counter, tip-toed to put the fairy wing on the counter before saying 'Nah' to the cashier! After I paid for it, I passed her the bag and she said 'Thank uuuu'. Super love my child when she's not annoying the crap out of me.

Hubby turned to me and said 'Oh no what have you done to my girl' and I said 'well looks like I have created an awesome shopping partner for myself and together we shall set out to spend your money" Bhahaha!

Mommy-Baby shopping duo-yup that's us!


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