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Aulia' being girly with BBluvsme

Assalamualaikum wbt..

I somehow forgot to update about this but a few months back, my darling girl decided to become girly by embracing her dresses, hair accessories and all things girly. I'm not sure if its just a phase but I'm happy nevertheless. Let the shopping begin!! I've seriously not bought her any dresses in a LONG time okie.

There was a time where she rejected her dresses and would scream whenever I try to put on anything remotely girly on her. In the end, we resorted to mostly two piece clothes and worst still, she would insist on picking out what she wanted to wear and that would be mostly t-shirts, clothes used for home!
Dressing her up then was truly a nightmare. Now I know how my parents must have felt when I was in high school and only wanted to wear baggy clothes like a boy. After I hit Uni and transformed into being more feminine, all I ever wanted to wear were a more appropriate clothes and back then I was a mere size XS/S so whenever I tried on clothes I would pray they would not be loose but NOW, I pray they would not be tight just so to hide my fats so yes now I'm back to baggy clothes. Circle of life and story of my life eh. Please tell me you can relate!

I digress.

So you cannot tell how it was a total 'yeehaa' moment when she actually let me put on the hair clip on her and let it stay on her head!

Animal print hair clip in Pink and Black from Girls

This was taken right after she woke up on the morning during the weekend. I tied her hair up with 2 clips at the side and it stayed on for longgg time until we went out for lunch that is. Can't have em all but at least she's happy with Ibu touching and playing with her hair now. I cannot believe how grown up she looks as well, sigh.

Orange top & Animal Print Skirt from BBluvsme

Dressy dressy baby girl she is not! But I can also sense that she prefers less complicated dresses that are light and airy. This girl's turning out to be quite the carefree hipster soul if you ask me. But I seriously fall in love with the cute animal prints on her skirt tho.

Moving on...

I came across this awesome pink top with flowers on the shoulder when I was browsing at bbluvsme. I stole some time off and actually grabbed it before it sold out! So how comfy she is?! I got her to model it as soon as she woke up. Usually it's no easy task since Ms Grumples needs time to cool off but she immediately obliged.

Again the animal print. What do you think? A bit too much or totally effin unique? Le sigh, if only I could work as a buyer in a kiddie store. I think that would bring me so much joy.

Elysa Summer dress-Brown & Pink Zebra from BBluvsme

I'm also loving this 18 months and over age now. As a baby, Aulia' wasn't the easiest baby to manage with her constant restless-ness and fussiness but now, it's safe to say that she is MUCH more manageable now that she understand things a whole lot better i.e., wearing dresses and styling. Just a month ago my mom was saying how much Aulia' has grown up and I couldn't agree more!  She certainly can express herself (occasionally she goes off tangent and cries so I ask her to TELL Ibu what you want instead of crying away and it works) so it's easier for us to do a lot of things like hang out longer in the mall or attend to errands with baby in tow.
This week we'll be attending her third swimming class together *finger crossed* she will be well behaved and enjoys herself!


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