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Iron man 3 movie date

Assalamualaikum wbt... Yesterday, we finally caught up with our laundry, finished up some chores,do some cooking and even change the old curtain to a new one which is literally not so new. Aulia' swimming class was postponed to another two weeks because her swim coordinator was out of the town this week and next week will be the Malaysia's election day. So she could rest and goyang kaki for two weeks! Then we lie down on the bed after lunch, looking at each other while Aulia' was sleeping.. "It had seemed like forever since we'd been to the movie" hubby said to me. "Okay, I nak tengok Iron Man tonight please please please!!"  So hubby agreed, and that night we went out to watch Iron Man 3. Since house chores takes up so much of our time it will be nice to get out.  We managed to get the tickets at 10.15 pm..I know its a bit late but we purposely want it so that Aulia' would sleep all the time and not distracting other p

Third swimming lesson was a success

Assalamualaikum wbt.. Aulia' third swimming lesson was last weekend. I was pretty sure she would hate it and I was bracing myself for what could be the longest 20 minutes of my life.  Instead, this was Aulia' literally climbed up the lobby coffee table while we waited for the class before us to finish. This week, hubby managed to join in with us for the swimming class. And a perfect weather just add up to a wonderful day! Although last night Aulia' woke up in the middle of the night with a slight cough we still took her to the pool. She was in a good spirits and did such a great job! Blowing bubbles..dunking under water...and lots of kicking! The lead swim coordinator, Mr. Jordan gave instructions to hubby on what to do for this session. Hubby need to jumped around the pool and to make sure the water level reached to Aulia's chin. Hubby did it few times and Aulia' swallowed the pool water. She has been extremely sensitive to water in her ears and

Lunch date with the bestie!

 Assalamualaikum wbt.. It's time like this that I miss my besties the most.. We need to catch up over dinner, a night out of talking and gossiping, a night out of just plain catching up. I have SO many things to talk about and share, like seriously-it's time to meet up. Its been 6 years since we graduated! I only meet up with WaniMael, Taibah and Jay during our Master's in UPM.  I miss you guys, for real.. This photo was taken back then in 2008. Fathi was the one on the left side, WaniSof, Jay, Taibah, WaniMael and Ain..missing here is Ekin and Azfar. By the way Fathi get married to Ekin. What a small world! Hard to imagine that WaniSof and Ekin is going to have baby No.2!! Ain and Jay's first born is almost 1 year old. Where did the time go?!omg. So last week we had a group chat in Facebook and decided to meet up. Unfortunately WaniSof couldn't make it coz she's in Sarawak teaching in Uitm Kuching. The rest was busy so I only manage to mee

Cute Gwiyomi..

Assalamualaikum wbt.. Very recently SILs and myself had a conversation in our Whats-App group regarding this Gwiyomi thing. I was totally blank and had no idea on this. So I googled it up and found this on youtube...the video has gone viral on the net actually.. This is totally cute. Aulia' insisted to watched this hundreds time!..SIL requested that I make a video on Aulia' doing the Gwiyomi..  Haha ..I'll bet she's only going to shake her heads but surprisingly Aulia' did the No. 6 step and end up sucking her fingers! LOL..

Aulia' being girly with BBluvsme

Assalamualaikum wbt.. I somehow forgot to update about this but a few months back, my darling girl decided to become girly by embracing her dresses, hair accessories and all things girly. I'm not sure if its just a phase but I'm happy nevertheless. Let the shopping begin!! I've seriously not bought her any dresses in a LONG time okie. There was a time where she rejected her dresses and would scream whenever I try to put on anything remotely girly on her. In the end, we resorted to mostly two piece clothes and worst still, she would insist on picking out what she wanted to wear and that would be mostly t-shirts, clothes used for home! Dressing her up then was truly a nightmare. Now I know how my parents must have felt when I was in high school and only wanted to wear baggy clothes like a boy. After I hit Uni and transformed into being more feminine, all I ever wanted to wear were a more appropriate clothes and back then I was a mere size XS/S so whenever I tried on

I am not one that usually gravitates toward cutesie laces on shoes. I have avoided the whole "laces shoes" fetish (not because I don't think it's adorbs, but because I just didn't think I could pull it off!) and I've stayed away from too cute colors... ..untill I stumble upon this. Black Lace Peep Toe by Kiss & Tell .. and I think it's cute if it is paired with the Black Embossed Pants by Nichii . Black have found themselves among my most favorite colors, totally and completely due to the fact that I'm not that light-skinned..So a black pants with an embossed, paired with a black lace shoes, was just too good to pass up!!  Anything black and lace inspired always has me reaching for my outrageous accessories. I know it's the safe choice, and I'll be more than happy to come up with some unexpected twists for this shoes in outfits of the future, but as an introduction? No, I wanted to really hit it home. No fail solutio

Shopping for fun!

Shopping is not only for shoes, my dear friends, as shocking as that is to hear and read... Sometimes the urge to shop is just to participate in the act of scouring, spotting, and spending...not necessarily going to a store to get something you need. Call it wasteful, call it greedy.. ...I call it fun! Here are few things I came home with, in the past weekend, that I can't wear or model but love just the same! Linen Blouse with Pockets by Zara Basic Long sleeves shirts with pockets by Bershka Collection . To be sure, this shirt is bright..naturally you would assume that it was a gift, since I don't normally gravitate towards a color like this.. It was a shopping treat from my dear hubby..and oddly enough, despite my deary, boring, neutral loving self, I love it!..Thanks hub! I'm so glad he can so innocently push me out of my comfort zone, because I'm so glad that I have this shirt for outing and office wear. The color is insanely on tr

You should love what you do

Assalamualaikum wbt..  This morning daycare drop off got me thinking pulling my scarf out. For one, the teacher is really frustrating me and she is really not making this wonderful daycare pleasant for me in the mornings.  1) She questioned (a month ago) why Aulia' only naps 1.5 to 2 hours? She complained to me that she is the first to wake up and doesn't get back to sleep and ends up waking up other kids (A: not my problem, she naps great at home and B: how LONG you want her to nap?) 2) This morning she had the nerve to tell me that I need to let the daycare know when Aulia' is sick and what she has. (A: I called the daycare the morning I kept fer from daycare and B: The next day when I brought her in I told the teacher that she was sick with HFMD , but not contagious.). She then (and I quote) said "This is the first I have heard about HFMD).. FOR REAL??? omg. You work in a daycare and you have NO information about HFMD? Needless to say, we wil

A to Z of Aulia'

A. Age : 18 months, as of Sunday! B. Bed size: King sized! I shared with my parents, usually I'll kicked 'em out of the bed.  C. Chore that you hate : I don't have any chores, minus when Ibu says "Let's clean up these toys" D. Dessert : Marshmallow and ice cream E. Essential start to your day: 8oz. bottle with a little rice cereal! F. Favourite colour : Green, pink, blue, red-I like them all G. Gold or Silver: both H. Height: I think they measure me in centimeters, but I really don't know how tall I am I. Instrument you play : Drum J. Job title: Best Baby in the World-Okay, Okay, that is what my parents call me! K. Kids: I am the kid! Baby actually! L. Live: Lake Garden M. Mother's name: Ibu N. Nicknames: Chukcham, Eya, Auya, Oya Lily O. Overnight hospital stays: just after being born, plan to keep it that way! P. Pet peeves : I try to have fun wherever I go. But sometimes I dislike the "strange" peopl

Syathir's pool party birthday

Assalamualaikum wbt... Someone turns a year old last two weeks. Can't believe how time flies..It's Syathir's one of my husband's cousin son. Their parents host a little backyard pool party today and their guests had a great time.  Aulia' for sure she had a great time too..because they host a pool party ya know!! and of course she can eat the cake! We love the balloons, the cupcakes, and the party hats. What a one year old doesn't love that?? The birthday boy-Muhammad Syathir:)  Big boy all ready to cut the cake. She's a banana! Enjoying every bit of her cake! Tim to get wet and wild.. I bet the kids had so much fun!

Aulia' goes to swimming class

Assalamualaikum wbt.. I really wanted to send Aulia' for an activity since she was 6 months old, and at this early age,  swimming would be a great choice. We've been send her to Gymboree last year and she already finished her classes and we decided to get her involved with other activities such as swimming and music. This is Aulia' when she was 1 year old with her personal swimming trainer, Mak Yang. Owh Ibu is not good at swimming yaw..We brought her to swimming pool just to introduce her with water:) In my opinion, it's better to start them young with swimming, because babies are born with a reflex called bradycardiac response. It allows them to hold their breath and open their eyes when being submerged. Unfortunately, the reflex will slowly be gone as they age. Plus, I heard that swimming lessons for older children are more expensive, so yeah...why not SAVE!..haha. Ok, back to the swimming class. The program was under Sports4u swimming