Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Teaching Aulia' some kindness

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Just a few months ago, I gave Aulia's 'Babysitter' advance of RM 300.00. She told me that her son is going for school this year and she needs to pay for his advance fees including sport attires, books and also his 1 year exam fees, and she was short of RM 900.00 What she did was, she sought help from all her 'clients' to see whether they could spare her the RM 300.00 (per person) up front, so she can pay for his school fees first. In return, her clients, do not have to pay for the next month babysit services that she provides to our babies.

Since her service is a necessity anyway AND she' has been looking after Aulia' for many months (I think it's almost a year now), I naturally agreed to help. I do not have plenty of money to part with, but for education sake, I was willing to give her the RM 300.00 in advance.

What a world do we live in when there are still some cynic out there who said I shouldn't have done that?

Don't get me wrong. I know they mean well. I have, afterall, lend quite an amount of money to friends, family, colleagues and even strangers- and sadly I never see them repaying me. Not even acknowledging the fact that they owe me. Or paying me back bit by bit.

What hurts most is when I see them at events or they tweet about their shopping sprees. It's not about the amount lend, it's about the gesture of not repaying back...or being absolutely oblivious to it all that pains or triggers my annoyance.


Worst still is how my Uni's senior who continues to ask for money when she has not even paid for the first money she borrowed 5 years ago!

How lah like that friend??

But despite not getting the money back, I will not lose hope on helping others when they need help. I am just a little bit smarter now- some says "you have to be cruel to be kind"- so by this mantra will I let them learn to manage their finance better. I hope. So no more lending money because I am in my own financial pickle. I mean, who isn't right?

So for babysitter and her son-I shall pray that you will be able to collect that money in time for his fees. Who knows? If one day I can't pay for my legal/ insurance premium maybe Mr. anak babysitter can help me, hoh?

The act of kindness is something I want Aulia' to have. To not grow cynical and to love unconditionally.



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