Wednesday, February 20, 2013

She missed her dad

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Aulia' now is a naughty girl. I kid you not. She is. I mean, she's naughty in the CUTE way. Often, she would hide in her playroom or in the kitchen when I called her. I would call and call, but Aulia' would not come because she loved to hear her mother call and call. 

Aulia' also loved her papa. 
He works at the construction site and was often away to work his fingers to the bone so that he can bring home the bacon. Whenever her Papa was home, she never hid in her playroom or in the kitchen. She preferred to hide in Papa's big warm hugs, for as long as she would let him. 

When Hubby left us last two weeks, Aulia' was tearful..which is to be expected. Hubby gave a conference call to us last night  announcing that he'll coming home soon for good. For me, that's a good news. Or a bit of relieved. Honestly, I would rather have him home with me now, so that we can have dinner everyday together.

This is what happen during the video call...

Aulia': "Papa.. when are you taking me on another date?" (Eyes all tears)..

Hubby: "I'll be coming home soon darling..anyway we don't have any planned yet.."(Tired face, just came back from work)

Aulia':  "Now that I am older and commute across home to my babysitter house, I really need a cell phone. I know they expensive but.." (Eyes still teary)

Hubby: (Cutting her off)..You always want something-usually a luxury items-urrggh you're just the same like your Ibu!"

Aulia': "Papa..kasi la cell phone will help all of us,especially as I take responsibility doing errands for Ibu"

Hubby: "Young Lady, you do not seem to realize that there are many things my income need to cover.. especially on your mom's addiction to shoes"

Aulia: "Urrggh Papa you're such a BORING person!!"

Woot! Okay okay.. the whole conversation was made up by me...

Anyway they just had a chit chat which I don't even understand the whole father-daughter conversations..
For my sake, I wish they didn't develop a wise streak in them where distance and time is concerned. At least not this year I prayed hard. Not this year.


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