Sunday, February 10, 2013

Aulia' first visit to USS

Assalamualaikum wbt..

So today is our second day in Singapore and all of us woke up quite early today especially my little one but I'm still resting on the bed, mindless. Its quite tiring when travelling with a toddler I tell you..
We had our brunch at 11.30 am and Aulia' had her first piano lesson..she really enjoyed the music that she creates on her own...Ahh toddler! You wont understand how they make them self enjoyed as much as I had brain-freezed the whole day entertaining her. 

After we had brunch, we took SMRT from Woodland Avenue 3 to Resort World Sentosa. It took about 1 hour from Woodland to RWS. Lucky that I manage to get our tickets to USS ready before leaving for Singapore. Or else we have to long queue and crack our heads. It is very much recommended that you purchase your tickets way before hands as it might be sold out if you are to purchase them at the ticket counter. You would not want to go all the way to USS and end up being dissapointed. You can get your online tickets here.

Upon arriving the USS, its already passed the lunch time. We had our late lunch at Malaysian Food Street before heads to USS entrance. Its quite a nice environment at the Malaysia Food Street where you can busking in the bustling atmosphere of a nostalgic old town :) Me and hubby had Briyani Rice and my Aunt's maid had prepared chicken porridge for Aulia' :) 

Hollywood is the first theme area that we came across once we enter the main entrance of the park. Here, we experienced the dynamic Hollywood iconic architecture, the swaying palm trees and replica of the world most famous Hollywood Walk of Fame :)

Hollywood zone area.

We then headed to the King Julien's Beach Party Go-Round.. Aulia's got pretty excited to watch the four animals that escape from the zoo and crashed into Madagascar; Marty, Alex, Gloria and Melman. The best part is that she can ride them in action!

While waiting for the ride:) Thank goodness there were not many people at Madagascar and so the queue was not that long. We got onto one of its rides. Pleasant ride and I need not to worry of my little one being all startled and jumped at. Hubby was with her all the time:)

Fret not darling..Papa is holding you all the time!

Ibu and Aulia' strike a pose at the Ogre house before heads to the Shrek 4D movie.. This was really good. Hubby and I truly enjoyed the 4D experience. We had water splashed at us when the Donkey in the movie sneezed and when Shrek threw some spiders in the movie, we could feel spiders crawling on our legs. Aulia' closed her eyes almost throughout the whole movie as she could not take the 3D effect in which the characters seemed to come to live and are right in front of her. Super cute! 

Aulia' was looking at the Ogre..or err maybe the Ogre is her Papa..omg I'm getting reward!!

Hubby got the baby Shrek's princess headband for her baby doll. Papa said it look nice on her :)
We sure did shop,shop and shop. We got some souvenirs for ourselves, for friends and family..

We're sure have been this far..Far Far Away dude!

After exploring the Madagascar, Ogre house and Shrek 4D movie for about an hour or so, we proceed to Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure. Then, we came to The Mummy. One can get to sit in a high speed roller coaster in the dark and enjoy various exciting scenes. However, if your spouse do not like thrill ride, please don't try this!

Apart from playing different themed-attractions, we were in fact taking brisk walk along the path and taking photos. 
The famous Bumblebee Camaro car, Sesame Street where the live show of Elmo and his friends all singing, all dancing 'When I grow up' and the Rockafella Boys performing at the Big Apple along the New York Street, are favourite spot photo taking.

New York Street where Papa Shrek left her baby princess!

While waiting for the Special Effects movie by Steven Spielberg show. 
Mother-daughter cam-whoring :)

Battlestar Galactica..we dare not to try this one..we're just not the adrenalin junkie type. Maybe next time! Its crazy when the inverted roller coaster meant that our feet dangled dangerously free while your world turned topsy-turvy. I just can't accept the fact that I'll throw up in front of other people,,heuw heuw heuw:) . 

Exciting the USS, we stumble into this 'sweet' and colourful candy tree..

Lord Farquaard Kingdom at dusk view :)

We managed to finish about 90% of all USS attractions and shows. The other 10% is extreme thrill rides in which me and my hubby dare not to try. We ended the day with a stroll along the streets, whilst drinking in the lovely sight of the sun setting in the distance.

After a quick dinner at my uncle's place and a hot shower, it was truly a big relief to crawl into bed to rest our aching feet and tired calves!
 Can't wait for tomorrow's visit to S.E.A Aquarium :)


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