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Chicken Buttermilk

Assalamualaikum wbt.. So the husband is finally home! Fuhhh! *Lega* Since now we have the chance to eat together, he requested something special for dinner.. . Although I was a bit tired after back home from work but I'm quite excited to prepared our little family my home cooked meal :) :) I was having lunch the other day at my favourite place, Commons and I ordered Chicken Buttermilk Bento. It taste so good that I wanted to duplicate it into my own recipe.  Last week, one of the recipes I used for dinner was really really bad. So bad, that Aulia' refuse to eat dinner.  So this time, I became very careful especially on the ingredients, so I declared that the first dinner I cook this week would be a totally original one, made up by Shema..Although...I *was* a bit worried, since I never did it before... So taking inspiration from Commons , I decided to try and replicate that. Actually it turned out good.The chicken was crisp, under a creamy sweetish spicy-ish s

Aulia's New Gadget

Assalamualaikum wbt.. When Ipad/ Tab was launched and everyone was seen carrying it around, I never really understood the craze about it. Now I am what you call a technie noob. Same goes with my husband. I don't care much for gadgets, and neither do they care for me. I also don't understand the fuss about having the latest phone and so forth. I might admire it for a while and wish I had one but I can never bring myself to splurge that much on a tool that might get lost/stolen or be completely under utilized due to my noob-ness, heh. So when most of the time people talk about the latest gadget or parade their latest ' canggih ' phone I completely blank out hide my crappy BB old phone  and just equate their love for gadgets akin to my love for shoes? Except I think my love for shoes is a cheaper hobby than theirs, hahah!.  Now I am no fan of getting my child addicted to such gadgets either. I think its plain bad when kids are shoved with their parents Tab/Ipad w

She missed her dad

Assalamualaikum wbt.. Aulia' now is a naughty girl. I kid you not. She is. I mean, she's naughty in the CUTE way. Often, she would hide in her playroom or in the kitchen when I called her. I would call and call, but Aulia' would not come because she loved to hear her mother call and call.  Aulia' also loved her papa.  He works at the construction site and was often away to work his fingers to the bone so that he can bring home the bacon. Whenever her Papa was home, she never hid in her playroom or in the kitchen. She preferred to hide in Papa's big warm hugs, for as long as she would let him.  When Hubby left us last two weeks, Aulia' was tearful..which is to be expected. Hubby gave a conference call to us last night  announcing that he'll coming home soon for good. For me, that's a good news. Or a bit of relieved. Honestly, I would rather have him home with me now, so that we can have dinner everyday together. This is what happen dur

Doli @ TTDI

Assalamualaikum wbt.. We've gone crazy today probably due to massive workloads ..  Alya and I had to go to JPSPN, meeting the KP so we went out quite early before lunch. You know girls..when they getting stressed day by day, all they want is to shop and EAT!! And if you're REALLY a food connoisseur  you must have heard the famous Doli Char Kuey Teow in Jalan Jalan Cari Makan on TV3.. The first time I tried Doli was last year when Hubby brought us to Taiping, Perak. You can see how people queueing outside of the restaurant just to get in and have a seat. Crazy man..I don't understand until I myself had tasted their special Char Kuey Teow. Believed me, you won't get disappointed waiting for that long! Now they are in Taman Tun, just 5 minutes drive from my office in Phileo 2.    Doli's opened a branch in ttdi so their Klang Valley fans can savour a plate of their noddles without the necessary road trip to Taiping:) Doli Kuey Teow Goreng in J

Aulia' first visit to S.E.A Aquarium @ Sentosa

Assalamualaikum wbt.. Our visit to S.E.A Aquarium @ Sentosa was on our third day in Singapore and we were expecting a big crowd coz today is S'pore's and M'sia's public holiday. Its CNY today. We ate our late brunch at the Malaysian Food Street and headed to S.E.A Aquarium which is just beside the USS globe. We took the same bus (963R) from Woodland to Resort World Sentosa and reached there about an hour. Public transport is always the best in S'pore :) Hubby and I were so so SO excited and totally looking forward to this because our last time being so close to marine life was at least two years ago when we last dive in Phuket. Even though this is quite different but we'll be pretty close and the best part is our little one got the chance being exposed to the marine life :) Can you just see how happy she is! See the crowds at the back?  Entering the Maritime Experiential Museum before we can get in to the Aquarium. The first exhibits gi

Aulia' first visit to USS

Assalamualaikum wbt.. So today is our second day in Singapore and all of us woke up quite early today especially my little one but I'm still resting on the bed, mindless. Its quite tiring when travelling with a toddler I tell you.. We had our brunch at 11.30 am and Aulia' had her first piano lesson..she really enjoyed the music that she creates on her own...Ahh toddler! You wont understand how they make them self enjoyed as much as I had brain-freezed the whole day entertaining her.  After we had brunch, we took SMRT from Woodland Avenue 3 to Resort World Sentosa. It took about 1 hour from Woodland to RWS. Lucky that I manage to get our tickets to USS ready before leaving for Singapore. Or else we have to long queue and crack our heads. It is very much recommended that you purchase your tickets way before hands as it might be sold out if you are to purchase them at the ticket counter. You would not want to go all the way to USS and end up being dissapointed. You