Friday, January 25, 2013

Someone need to ease his mind...

so we went to Fraser Hill on a day trip cuz I was hesitant to stay in the jungle, and plus my mum is still in the hospital and I have to go back there to check on her..

Hubby said he wanted to have a getaway since we have a LONG weekend around and he wanted to ease his mind due to his massive workload. So for hub's sake, we left home in the late morning and took Karak Highway to Bentong.
From Bentong town, it took us slightly more than hour to reach Fraser Hill's. Hubby was driving at snail's pace because the roads were very winding, narrow and steep, and he wanted to show me another next-list-to-visit along the way to Fraser Hill which is Casabrina Villa-Raub's little Bali.

Along the way we passed by many fruit orchards and saw hundreds of durian trees with fruits hanging on them. This was indeed a rare sight for city kids like Aulia'!!

Finally there..
It was a nice change of weather of course- all 24 degrees of it..
Definitely not as crowded as Cameron Highland and Genting Highland.
The hills is beautiful surrounded by colonial buildings.
The clock tower-the most prominent landmark of Fraser Hill.

Aulia' walking and wondering what we're doing here. 
My little girl at ease with her green surroundings. 
While we were checking out other interesting spot, this little one was keen on exploring her new environment.

I don't know where she picked it up but my little pinky girl was literally belting out a Gangnam Style while strolling. It was sooo hilarious that the guy and myself started laughing our heads off. 

Little miss clingy.

Basically there wasn't much to see or do here..perfect for boring people like us who love to unwind and walk around aimlessly doing nothing,hehe!!
 Pretty blossom adorn this charming little garden. It was a good weather, very bright and sunny but we didn't feel the heat at all :)

Next stop, the public park of Fraser Hill, the main attractions here include a mini bike track, miniature golf and children's playground..There's a food court here too.
You can see how this little girl love to swings that she refuse to get out from that thing! Kids!
Our plans for horse-riding at the Paddock and boat riding at Allen Water have to be put on hold due to limited time that we have cuz the gate at the foothill of FH will be closed soon at 6.30 pm.
Soon after leaving the playground, it almost rain and we headed to Ye Olde Smokehouse..before headed back to KL..

cold and misty..

We did not returned with empty hands, hubby wanted to bought a baby-T for Aulia' and I bought souvenir for my friends :)

Although is was a short getaway but we had fun tho :)
xoxo ShemaAulia'


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