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Savings for Aulia'

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

Someone told me this.."I want my children to have all the things I couldn't afford. Then I want to move in with them"..

Fine. So the last sentence was probably there as a punch line. But the first line spoke to me. Why yes I want nothing but the best for Aulia'. I want her to have all the things Ibu can't afford. I want her to have all the things Ibu could only wish, sniff, dream, touch and hope for. I want her to have it all. 

Coz naturally I want her to have a better life than mine. 
Afterall dare you to point out a parent who doesn't want the best for their kids?. Thought so!

So step one for wanting the best for her was opening up a saving account for the brat which I got to do recently. Plus it helped that my mum was consistently nagging us to do. Afterall my mom and dad as well as my parents-in-law were the first folks to present Aulia' her very FIRST big fat cash on her birthday and Raya festive and they were eager for us to bank it in to her:) Imagine a one year old receiving a big amount of cash, lol, the world is crazzzzy sometimes!

Then, husband and I manage to get an insurance policy Prudential Saving + Education + Medical Plan for Aulia'. We decided the second we realize that education  and medical cost would be much higher than ours last time. 
Anyway all of a sudden I’m just itching for her to save and hopefully by the time she reaches 18, she would have a decent amount of money for herself. Going forward whatever cash received during birthdays, angpows, just-because, prize-money (heh maybe getting a lil carried away here) will go straightttt into her bank account! No going to Toys R Us or ice cream parlours to splurge on! And the hubby and I will be contributing some cash into her account every month too. Like what they say – sikit sikit, lama lama jadi bukit!
I have to say though that service in Maybank is S*** – I still had to wait around to be served even though we were one of the first ones. But nothing like a loud ‘THIS IS STUPID, IF I DONT GET SERVED IN THE NEXT 5 MINUTES, I”M GOING OVER TO XXX BANK”
And just a quick info for parents who want to open an account for their bub, believe it or not, only ONE parent can be guardian and have access to the account. Obviously I think the mother should be the one in charge, ahem. Just bring along baby’s MyKID, Birth Cert and your IC too. Sign here, sign there X 3 times and you’re done! It still took us approx 1 hour to get everything sorted. I opted to get online banking so we can transfer money in and monitor the balance.

mmm. . . I have a what account now?

Hehehehe..always laughing!
But the icing on the cake was when the officer asked if we wanted to activate the TAC number so transfers can be made.
Told her I highly doubt my 17 month old would be doing any online transactions anytime soon.
Truth be told, I was afraid Aulia' might have my online shopping addiction like the ibu, hence the no TAC request, haha.
But yea I will  continuously do my best at nagging that baby toddler of the importance of saving. Money doesn’t grow on tree kid! For everything else you have your papa.
P.s: Anyone else who wants to contribute to Aulia’s account is also more than welcome, heeeh. Just had to try :) :)

xoxo ShemaAulia'


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