Sunday, January 6, 2013

Our Sunday Activities

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Another relaxing Sunday was had in our little household today. We started off with an early breakfast, watching cartoons, playing, colouring and of course our favourite part is screaming and star jumping!

"Morning papa! I missed you!"

 My munchkins' is totally a morning person. She will crawl to me, hugging, sniffing to her favourite milk source and this little one seems to be getting naughtier by the day! NO and gimme gimme are her favourite words. Whether she understand them or not, that's a different story. Sometimes she tries the coy sly way of planting a kiss to my lips before asking for nen nen. Mmm..I'm wondering why she's extra clingy thesedays. 

And then last night, for the first time ever she thought it was be 'cool' to bite and leave her teeth mark on the boob.!!! Why baby girl, whyyy??!
In case you're wondering, YES toddlers have bloody strong teeth like a brick, how I know? Coz one fine night out of boredom I thought it would be funny to put my finger in her mouth and that kid bit the back out of my fingers leaving her fang prints on it. She thought it was funny and proceeded to laugh her head off. 

Bath time is also almost impossible; she hates water on her hair. God knows what she's hiding under that mop at the rate she's so protective over it!
 "Don't kacau me okay..I'm watching Pocoyo!"

Mess aside, it's always so much fun watching her feed herself. For every spoon that successfully goes into her mouth, half a spoon of her food would have fall off onto the floor. Of course my lil Muncie is not complaining because she gets to polish off some of the food. Generous much? Or just trying to avoid food that she doesn't like? heh.
 Afternoon nap after had her favorite ever milk...
 Ibu I'm tired from all that shots. Poserism ain't an easy task..okay lemme bite my toe.. I want adik.
Or is it now, Okay one last pose for Ibu..coz I'm a poser and I know ittt...
Aulia' is what I'd like to call in a Parrot stage where she likes to mimic or say whatever you're saying/doing.  She was watching her favourite cartoon Pocoyo and learn how to pronounce "Balloon". Instead of pronounce Balloon as a balloon, she pronounce it as a "Balon!". Too cute!
Scribble scribble..Imma little artist. So much intensity over her art work.
Despite telling her to hold the YELLOW crayon to colour the rabbit, she kept going for various colours.  After a while I gave up and thought why not? Why must a rabbit be yellow? Is rabbit yellow?hehe. Lets have our imaginations run wild shall we..and not conform to what the world perceives as right for just a littleeee while.
Lucky I gave her the non-toxic crayons. She has put the crayons in her mouth a couple times but I'm always right there and so she's never eaten any wax. She always want me to colour with her and she never leaves the colouring book with the crayon so for her she was and is totally ready for learning. And she will kiss me every time she scribble on the wall as if to make up what she did..hehe!

*tear of joy* I tell you, I must have done some really good things in my past to get such a thoughtful baby. Naughty but a thoughtful one!
So this is how we spend our weekend together:)


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