Friday, February 1, 2013

New Sanctuary

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Alhamdulillah...mum returned home yesterday instead of today. The doctor discharge her earlier than expected. My sibling and I have been exited to have her so close and we often find ourselves gathered around her bed competing of her hugs and kisses. She has dedicated her life to making sure our home is a place filled with love, faith and compassion. As we start this new chapter we are trying to replicate what she has done for all these years. Although I'm sure we will fall short of a lot of things she has set, we are determined to continue to make our home a place where she can relax, recover and continue her journey. 

We are so happy to have her home, but we are still getting accustomed to the new daily routine and all that it entails. We often find ourselves looking at the clocks making sure she receives the correct drug, vitamins and food she needs at the right times. My Abah and younger sister, Dida have been stalwarts in leading these efforts. I'm amazed at their tenderness when working with mum. Seeing my Abah lovingly wipe her mouth has had a profound impact on my sibling and I. We all hope we can emulate the love that mum and Abah have had over the years in our marriages. 

So far I believe that mum is enjoying her new digs. But she's yet ready to welcome any visitor. We have converted the living room into her new sanctuary. So that she can lay in front of the tv and enjoying her favourite ZEE's series drama everyday. We will continue to try and make her as comfortable as possible so she can feel at home and progress. I'm sure the grandkids will all be busy drawing her pictures so they can out them up on her wall and share their love :) :) 

The kids on mum's bed in the living room..looking so happy for their Nani.

This comes at no surprise to those who know her well, but she loves getting towel bath and having her arms and feet rubbed with lotion. I was about to take her latest picture but she didn't allow me coz she said she was looking terrible. Mum doesn't know that we love to see her close her eyes in relaxation as we do our best to pamper her. She always look beautiful.

It is exciting to see her progress and we know this comes as a direct consequences of her hard work of eating the medicine and many prayers by family and friends. The journey is still far from over, but there is no place we would rather nurse her back to health then within the walls of our own home. May Allah SWT grant her a good health and hope she can communicate well like normal again :) :)


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