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Mummy's in Hospital

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Mum got hospitalised :(

She had severe abdominal pain and convulsion overnight and the next day, and we all chalked it up to food poisoning, so didn't take her to the hospital right away.. It wouldn't go away,so she went to the doctor and got an injection and was diagnosed with "stomach flu". But then she was hit with fever constantly every night and the pain came back with a vengeance and so she ended up in Emergency in the hospital, and turns out she either has intestinal infection or low white blood cell counts. Both are not great things to have, as you can imagine!! But they are treating her for the former first, with strong doses of antibiotics. If the pain subsides, then that's fine and she can leave hospital. If the pain is still there/ comes back, then it could be adhesion and that means surgery :( We are praying that it doesn't come to that!

So she has been resting in the hospital for the past 3 nights..which also means our monthly family dinner is now cancelled since she's in no state to eat whatsoever. 

What a scare for all of us. A timely reminder to never take good health for granted.

Cuddle up in the hospital's foyer. The wonders a grand daughter cheeky grin can do when you're feeling poorly :P
Get well soon mummy. We missed you!

xoxo ShemaAulia'


Unknown said…
Get well soon MIL Amin..
Unknown said…
Get well soon MIL Amin..

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