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Looking forward to...

CNY long holiday!!   :) :) 

Assalamualaikum wbt..

I'm looking forward to CNY holiday coz we get a long break from Friday-Wednesday. Been cracking my head as to where to go..Last year, we took a road trip to Taiping with hubby and SIL and found out the hard way about travelling during festive season. Left on the first day of CNY to MIL house in Ipoh and what a mistake it was. Took us, not 4, not 5, not 6 but 7 hours to get there. Left there at 11am sharp and got there at 6pm, unbelievable. It's like the whole of Malaysia decided to head north at the very same time. This year I expect and foresee the same fiasco.
Another year wiser I've decided to perhaps fly down somewhere but question is, where??
Some of the places we've considered:

Hyatt Regency @ Kuantan -would be a perfect place to go but no more voucher bookings allowed anymore so darn it!

PD- too crowded and HOT

Parkland Apartment @ Cameron Highlands- Nice deal 3D2N stay at 3-bedroom service apartment for RM268 but blackout day starts from 8-17 Feb 2013, so darn it!

Gold Coast Morib Resort- Water theme park overlooking calm seas in Morib at the price of RM168 for 2D1N, still blackout dates start from 10-17 Feb,2013.

The Legend  Resort Cherating Beach, Pahang- The complimentary usage of jacuzzi, sauna, swimming pool and gym seems so tempting at the price of RM158 but stay period starts from Feb 16 onward. Heck  :(

Jakarta- flight tickets way too expensive and will be crowded with Malaysians

Hatyai- flight tickets to alor setar over-priced, driving down isn't an option and hotel rooms are most likely booked.

Hubby suggested Resort World Sentosa Singapore-but I'm dreading the thought of driving...All the flights on  Airasia are really expensive in CNY. Only festive seasons that they are not exactly the budget airlines it should be. I love airasia on a non-peak season. Manage to got a ticket to Kuching on September for only RM58!

Nice view aight??mmm..will consider it..
plus my cousin offer a stay at their place in Woodland so it won't hassle us to find a hotel which I optimistically they'd fully booked especially on this festive season.

Maybe we'll just stay at home. Malls and roads here would be empty. We'll probably throw one or two house CNY parties, check into a spa and enjoy the tranquillity that KL can never offer on a normal day.

Smile smile:) I already smell the LONG long holiday :) :)
xoxo ShemaAulia'
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