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Baby Eat Right

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

Aulia' has been running bad flu and cough this week so I decided to stay home a lil. Coz sick baby = one cranky fussy pot. She was literally like a walking bomb-throwing tantrums, crying and heck, even a simple instruction to pick up her toys would send her into a foul frenzy. I am worried that it was the start of her Terrible TERRIBLE Twos. But her pead said it's expected of sick kids who are on meds- they get easily irritable. OKIE- then how come the parent is getting irritated too??! But am happy to report she's back to her normal self,which include being EXTRA clingy!

So today I decided to cook something healthy for her to uplift her immunization level after a bad flu recovery.
Errr but still no idea on what to cook. sheeshh!!

Someone once said cooking is like need to put in the right stuff in order to yield the right end results otherwise you risk ruining your experiment. Hehe! I know its such a sh** thing to compare the likes of cooking to freaking science and if you're a scientist who spent years cracking your skull doing experiments and studying oh so hard to be called one-you would hate the sentence with a vengeance, haha!

Anyhos, since I have a fully stocked up fridge, I turned my experiment into a delicious food for Aulia'..yumss.
Checked these out:

Chop half onions and 2 clove garlic with some half chopped carrots, potatoes, chicken meatball, dried touchu and broccoli. I wanted to invent new stuff on my cooking so I added in the San Remo's spirals spaghetti together with all the other ingredients. 
In a pot, I fried the onions and garlic with my favorite 'sup punjut' -Puteri, using a lil olive oil, add in half tablespoon salt and fry again. Add in some chopped potatoes and carrots and fry until brown. Then pour some water into the pot, add in the remaining ingredients. Stir until soup are coated with the spices and ingredient's aroma..  :) :) 

Definitely not more than 30 minutes- Aulia's lunch is ready! A very comforting plate of hot rice and lace with yummy vege soup. 
Easy peasy lunch, just when I thought Aulia' would run the opposite direction, she sat down and ate it all. No fuss. No trying to convince her to eat it. Meanwhile I am impressed how I've used practically everything in the fridge into a weekend's cooking :) :)
Just before she ate her lunch, I insist her to eat the seedless grapes-great source of Vitamin C, even there may be no solid evidence it can cure the cold, but its antioxidant properties can't hurt. And to your knowledge, I washed the fruits and the veges for her soup with Pigeon's liquid safely cleans your baby toy, fruits and vegetables and it made from 100% food grade (edible) ingredients:) No worries, its gentle on skin. Smile smile:) :)

And now with another long weekend around, you bet I'll be cooking even more:)


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