Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Aulia' Play Day!

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Kiddie business in KL is HUGE business! There is absolutely no denying that. We have countless of enrichment and kiddie play center popping out left, right and center (okay maybe not literally!) but let's face it, we do have plenty of choices and each center appeals to different budgets. And most parents in KL see no qualm in spending good money on their kids so long they see benefits to it in the long run. 

In my case, all I want is to get Aulia' tired coz that kid has tons of energy!
So today, on the first day of new year 2013, me and my sisters decided to take the kids to J kids in Paradigm Mall. Guess I'll be going there more for Aulia's sake (Things that kid make me do man) coz she seems to love their play centre. I'm not sure if Yu Kids Island is the same as JKids (manage to take a sneak peak in One Utama) but both places have identical play things (owh whatever you call em!) but one thing I'm sure of is- the fact that this originates from Japan. Coz seriously...no one makes play centre as cute and colorful as the Japs. Plus most of it were mechanical based..

Like so...automatic ship yaw..
And the not-so-mechanical equipment...
Pool with balls! It was pure heaven for Aulia', she spent most of the time in there. 
Woaa!! Loving this place a bit too much eh Baby Girl??

Pool Diving..
Trampoline although my little one doesn't know how to jump just yet..
Another favorite classic.
So much to play with-at least that baby know how to maximize her mother's RM30!


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