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Mum Health Progress

Assalamualaikum wbt.. Mum completed her 1st week of medication like a champ! As we anticipated it brought back many familiar and unfriendly memories for her. Instead of being negative about more medication I started calling it her 'vitamin' as a more positive spin. We're trying to take it day-by-day and week-by-week. It almost a month now since she falls sick! So far she's doing great considering the usual side effects. She cannot eat. She can't control her bladder. If you've had the same problems, you know that it may take days or weeks after your last infusion to feel even the slightest bit of normal again. By her 2nd week she was feeling the pep back in her step.  After spending over 2 weeks in HKL it is now time for us to go home. Friday we will be discharged and will return home. We have been blessed to been able to spend the time here with talented and dedicated doctors, therapist and nurses. Its not that I don't missed them, just hoping

Looking forward to...

CNY long holiday!!   :) :)  ehem.. Assalamualaikum wbt.. I'm looking forward to CNY holiday coz we get a long break from Friday-Wednesday. Been cracking my head as to where to go..Last year, we took a road trip to Taiping with hubby and SIL and found out the hard way about travelling during festive season. Left on the first day of CNY to MIL house in Ipoh and what a mistake it was. Took us, not 4, not 5, not 6 but 7 hours to get there. Left there at 11am sharp and got there at 6pm, unbelievable. It's like the whole of Malaysia decided to head north at the very same time. This year I expect and foresee the same fiasco. Another year wiser I've decided to perhaps fly down somewhere but question is, where?? Some of the places we've considered: Hyatt Regency @ Kuantan -would be a perfect place to go but no more voucher bookings allowed anymore so darn it! PD - too crowded and HOT Parkland Apartment @ Cameron Highlands - Nice deal 3D2N stay at 3-bedroom s

Someone need to ease his mind...

so we went to Fraser Hill on a day trip cuz I was hesitant to stay in the jungle, and plus my mum is still in the hospital and I have to go back there to check on her.. Hubby said he wanted to have a getaway since we have a LONG weekend around and he wanted to ease his mind due to his massive workload. So for hub's sake, we left home in the late morning and took Karak Highway to Bentong. From Bentong town, it took us slightly more than hour to reach Fraser Hill's. Hubby was driving at snail's pace because the roads were very winding, narrow and steep, and he wanted to show me another next-list-to-visit along the way to Fraser Hill which is Casabrina Villa -Raub's little Bali. Along the way we passed by many fruit orchards and saw hundreds of durian trees with fruits hanging on them. This was indeed a rare sight for city kids like Aulia'!! Finally there.. It was a nice change of weather of course- all 24 degrees of it.. Definitely not as crow

Mummy's in Hospital

Assalamualaikum wbt.. Mum got hospitalised :( She had severe abdominal pain and convulsion overnight and the next day, and we all chalked it up to food poisoning, so didn't take her to the hospital right away.. It wouldn't go away,so she went to the doctor and got an injection and was diagnosed with "stomach flu". But then she was hit with fever constantly every night and the pain came back with a vengeance and so she ended up in Emergency in the hospital, and turns out she either has intestinal infection or low white blood cell counts. Both are not great things to have, as you can imagine!! But they are treating her for the former first, with strong doses of antibiotics. If the pain subsides, then that's fine and she can leave hospital. If the pain is still there/ comes back, then it could be adhesion and that means surgery :( We are praying that it doesn't come to that! So she has been resting in the hospital for the past 3 nights..which also m

Baby Eat Right

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.. Aulia' has been running bad flu and cough this week so I decided to stay home a lil. Coz sick baby = one cranky fussy pot. She was literally like a walking bomb-throwing tantrums, crying and heck, even a simple instruction to pick up her toys would send her into a foul frenzy. I am worried that it was the start of her Terrible TERRIBLE Twos. But her pead said it's expected of sick kids who are on meds- they get easily irritable. OKIE- then how come the parent is getting irritated too??! But am happy to report she's back to her normal self,which include being EXTRA clingy! So today I decided to cook something healthy for her to uplift her immunization level after a bad flu recovery. Errr but still no idea on what to cook. sheeshh!! Someone once said cooking is like need to put in the right stuff in order to yield the right end results otherwise you risk ruining your experiment. Hehe! I know its such a sh** thing to compare

Women Ministry

Assalamualaikum wbt.. Last night we had a mother/ daughter dinner. It was a lovely evening... I wanted a middle western food but was almost broke..hehehe! And you can't beat RM 29 for two pax for a 5 course meal. It's equivalent to the price of 3 large meals at a hawker centre, except everything is middle-eastern! And of course, it's a StreetDeal voucher..eating in KL can be so damn expensive, so why not grab this yaw..Plus I love how we're usually spoilt our eating choices too! We had Hummus which were at the left hand side in the picture. One should always order hummus when eating in a middle-eastern restaurant. It's something that's quite different and unique to middle eastern cuisine. Sam Hadramawt's hummus had an overpowering olive/sesame oil taste which I didn't quite like, but was still good nonetheless when eating with nan bread. We would have gladly traded in the watery concoction of Salad and Mixed Vegetables for more Hummus. I

Our Sunday Activities

Assalamualaikum wbt.. Another relaxing Sunday was had in our little household today. We started off with an early breakfast, watching cartoons, playing, colouring and of course our favourite part is screaming and star jumping! "Morning papa! I missed you!"  My munchkins' is totally a morning person. She will crawl to me, hugging, sniffing to her favourite milk source and this little one seems to be getting naughtier by the day! NO and gimme gimme are her favourite words. Whether she understand them or not, that's a different story. Sometimes she tries the coy sly way of planting a kiss to my lips before asking for nen nen. Mmm..I'm wondering why she's extra clingy thesedays.  And then last night, for the first time ever she thought it was be 'cool' to bite and leave her teeth mark on the boob.!!! Why baby girl, whyyy??! In case you're wondering, YES toddlers have bloody strong teeth like a brick, how I know? Coz one fine night

Savings for Aulia'

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.. Someone told me this.."I want my children to have all the things I couldn't afford. Then I want to move in with them".. Fine. So the last sentence was probably there as a punch line. But the first line spoke to me. Why yes I want nothing but the best for Aulia'. I want her to have all the things Ibu can't afford. I want her to have all the things Ibu could only wish, sniff, dream, touch and hope for. I want her to have it all.  Coz naturally I want her to have a better life than mine.  Afterall  dare you to point out a parent who doesn't want the best for their kids?. Thought so! So step one for wanting the best for her was opening up a saving account for the brat which I got to do recently. Plus it helped that my mum was consistently nagging us to do. Afterall my mom and dad as well as my parents-in-law were the first folks to present Aulia' her very FIRST big fat cash on her birthday and Raya festive and th