Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Very First Family Photobook:)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

As 2012 came to an end, I decided to compile the many 'best photos of my family' into a Photobook.  I had a wonderful time putting my little family of three into a chronology where hubby and I had a pre-wedding photoshoot, then we got married & honeymoon, I got pregnant and the day Aulia' was born. I'm a sentimental sucker who just can't let go of any memories. With this Photobook, I've gotten all compiled! 
I must say I was pleasantly surprised at the wonderfully simple user interface. 
The online program is set out to look just like the book. I just uploaded my pictures and then it automatically creates a beautiful book for me. I spent about 2 days whipping up this book since I was so busy with work I only manage to do this early morning before office hour. I did some minor tweaks and readjusting after auto-generating a book. I uploaded my photos from my computer and this application allow pictures to be uploaded from Facebook automatically as well, which could be more convenient because most of the pictures were there.

I was really really pleased when I received my book yesterday! The shipping was super fast! I received the book three days after I submitted it via online.

I took the 1 x 8 x 6 small landscape Imagewrap Hardcover. overall the book just feels like it's really high quality. In hindsight, I think the hardcover that just makes a Photobook seems that much more professional.

Nevertheless, I was quite pleased with the outcome. My particular book (which had close to 40 photos) cost around RM48 to make, so it's by any means cheaper than the original price (RM208) using Groupon Deal. They often have discounts, so you can probably get away with making one for a lot less than full price.
Aulia' was so excited when I showed her the Photobook and she was pointing hub's pictures and calling "Papa" so many times... well, she missed papa though.


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