Monday, December 17, 2012

Dear Aulia'

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

Happy 16-months old Aulia' sayang..

It has been a challenging month! You started the month with getting sick from the flu shot, which lingered for about a week. Then you developed a cough. Alhamdulillah, we got past all that without too much trouble and you gradually got better over the next week. Unfortunately, the virus messed with all of my sleep schedules. Ibu have been sleep-deprived for over two weeks now, and this somehow seems worse then when you were a newborn! But Alhamdulillah, you are back on track to being my good sleeper now though : )

Your language development definitely changed this month. Instead of just saying words here and there, you often try to engage in whole conversations with us.  Of course, it's all jibberish but you go on for a few minutes and use inflection, gestures and body language. Ibu sure wish Ibu could understand what you are saying! But Papa was so excited that now you can talk, he called us almost every night just to have a chit chat with you.

It's so clear that you are trying to tell us something fabulous. As far as new words, this month you added: duduk, air, mak, hot, nak, no and bye-bye. Apparently, you called me as "Mak" instead of Ibu. You'll be like "Mak, mak, mak (calling me repetitively) nak mam". You were so attracted with a lot of food these days and it was so exciting moment watching you eating.

In your world, there are two types of animals: birds and cats, which you called them titi and miaw.
At target one day, you pointed at your maksu and screamed, "Titi!" This is an example of how your language skills have not caught up with your understanding yet. Because you can recognize many more things that you can say. For example, if Ibu point to a page in a book and ask, " Where is the elephant?" you can easily point out the elephant (or duck, lion or apple if Ibu ask for those). But without me prompting you, you point to these things and say, "Titi" or "miaw".

Ibu know this is perfectly normal and developmentally appropriate, and that you are generalizing things into categories in a way that makes sense to you. It's so amazing to watch this learning process unfold!

You love to spend time playing in your play-corner. Ibu bought a new and colourful rug for you. Its an alphabet rug. The day after Ibu bought it, you walked up to it and pointed to the letter "B" and started yelling "B B B B B" over and over again.

For months now, we have been studying one letter every week. You really enjoy it but Ibu wasn't sure how much you were understanding.

You still love to dance. Masha Allah, you have some moves! Ibu still don't know where this comes from. Music seems to be very important to you. You especially loves "BINGO" and "Skidamarink a doo!". You loved to watch the Enfagrow milk advertisement on tv too!.

You've inherited Ibu's silliness and Papa's temper. Which means half time we are cracking up, and the other half we are pulling Ibu's hair out. You are generally such a happy little girl, always laughing and actively playing. You are so much fun to play with. Ibu chase you and throw you up in the air. Your giggles and squeals are so incredibly contagious.

You got your 7th and 8th tooth, your two down molars. . Ibu can't wait until this teething process is over!
Even though it was a more challenging month than most, it was still great because Ibu get to spend so much time with you! you are my whole world and Ibu love you more every day :)


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