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I shouldn't have complain

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

Five months ago when my husband decide to leave me, err..I mean,work away from home,I told myself our situation was only temporary and I'd see him soon. I told myself the quantity of time we spent together didn't matter as much as the quality of time we created. Five months ago I may have been a bit of a raging dumb arse.
A month later I decided I want quantity of time over quality. Because, frankly, I'm tired of solo parenting 15 months old baby while working and coming home late at night. Which happen about every other night.
The upside to my husband's continual and seemingly perpetual absence is that I'm saving a truckload of money on razor blades. Personal grooming has flown out the window I tell you. My glass is always half full by the way. Still, I'd rather have him home, zoned out beside me watching How I Met Your Mother or lost to the PS world of football game where he has his own personal footballer whatever! I'm petty and selfish that way..I shouldn't complain really. I mean I just saw him few weeks ago. For 48 hours...
You know what he did in those forty-eight hours? Nothing fun, I can assure you. he cleaned the toilet, sorted through the rubble of laundry, vacuum the carpets and getting the new cooking gas since the last one run out for the last two months!

Then he had to go back to work. His job is robbing me of my gloating privileges.
Never mind that it allows us to put food on the table, a roof over our head and a lappy for me to whine to the internet. 
So when my husband called tonight to tell me he'd be home next week, I was a little giddy. I started to mentally prepare a hunny-do list to hand him the moment he walked through the door.  His presence would mean I wouldn't have to be responsible for getting Aulia's diaper change, the garbage would get taken to the dump,and I could sleep on freshly laundered sheets.

"umm, don't get too excited there sayang..I'm only home for 2 days. And then I am gone again."
I mentally tabulated the amount of time I'll have spent with him before I actually get to see him for a whole day again.
"Ya I know, I'm sorry."
There is no reason for him to apologize,not really. We're lucky he has stable employment and we're even luckier that we have managed to remember that we still like each other through all the absence :)
But still, 2 days does not leave a lot of time to scratch things off the hunny-do list..

"Okay, I'll make it up to you. I'll get you a galaxy tablet next week"

em..good idea B..Nice reward. get me one please! Can't wait..
Its true that I've become very exhausted these days..I scrubbed counter tops, I vacuumed, I did the laundry, I dusted. Forget the gym, I felt like it was a workout on its own..but serious I shouldn't have complain (What  have i become omg...) After that I spending time again with Aulia'.Life pretty awesome at the moment!


Anonymous said…
Heheh sorry syg..i dun mean to..i'm on my nght shift starting 25 we have extra couple of hours to spend together..can't wait for your hunny do list..heheh..hafiz

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