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Happy 27th Birthday to you,my dear Husband:)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..


To my beloved husband and my honored companion..I praised to Allah s.w.t, besides whom there is none worthy of worship, for He is our creator and sustainer..May Allah s.w.t shower his special mercies, blessing and peace on Muhammad s.a.w, after whom there shall be no prophet. Everyday I thank Allah for bringing me to you, and you to me. Happy 27th Birthday (I know I forgot how old we both were when we 1st met), you have loved me in a way I never knew was possible and I am so grateful that Aulia' has you as a father.You are so loving and giving,always. Thank you for how hard you work for us, day and night, weekdays and weekends. m so proud of you and proud to call you my husband....and ya,come home soon so that we can go out and celebrate..our 2nd wedding anniversary is up next week!Aulia' and I did Doa Akhir Tahun and Awal Tahun yesterday. .seriously xsempat baca Yaasin I tell you by the time we finished recite Doa, she already cried craving for breast milk..

Salam 1434 Hijri, Happy New Year..and Happy Birthday Hunn..hug 
and kisses from home:)


Anonymous said…
Thank syg 4 da wish..i hope that we can live happily ever after &luv each other 4ever..Thank Allah that destine us to be married couple & having upcoming adventuring life..- luv u - hafiz..
Shema Aulia' said…
We love you too B!
and thanks to that Jason Blair he cooked prata for you today..I'm wonder what did you have for dinner over there without me..Maggie mee perhaps!
Sorry that we can't celebrate your birthday this year..Fair enough,no one is celebrating anyone's birthday..and no birthday present, but still..we have that remembrance is more than enough for me:)

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